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Fav. Quote: Episode 5 Cinderella’s Sister

Episode 5 Cinderella Sister

Song of the Day: Calling Out By Luna & Krystal f(x)

“Love sees sharply, hatred sees even more sharp, 

but Jealousy sees the sharpest for it is love and hate at the same time”

-Arab Proverbs Quote-

I know she want to ask about it.
She wants to ask about it so badly.
But this infuriating sister of mine,
She’s pretending to be asleep.
If she were to ask me,
I’d tell her everything within a second.
But this kid is someone who can’t bring herself to bother when it comes to me.
-Goo Hyo Seon-
What so great about you that you that from the first day I met you,
You acted so perfect?
-Goo Hyo Seon-

What’s your dream?
What’s your plan for the future?
Do you even have a plan or ambitions?
You don’t have a dream don’t you?
No plans or goals, right?
Just admit that you have no goals.
Then I’ll be understanding about your boring life and feel sorry for you,
Because the only thing that you know how to do is use your credit card
 Spend your family’s money.
If you do, then I’ll either break the sticks or hide them for you.
Don’t cry in front of me.
It’s annoying.
-Goo Eun Jo-

I don’t know why,
But I always had feeling that…
Someday you’d disappear without a trace.
I knew your close with Ki Hoon.
Although it’s regretful,
I know that this house and I weren’t enough source of solace for you.
When Ki Hoon left, I worried most about you.
I’ll let you leave when I’m sure I won’t have to worry about you
No matter where you are.
I promise.
From now, I’ll be the reason that you’ll want to stay here at this house.
 -Goo Dae Sung-

I don’t have dreams, or goals, or plans.
Can a person like me live a fun life as well?
-    Goo Hyo Seon-
As you lives a fun life,
You’ll come to find your dream.
You’ll developed goals and plan to achieve it.
But the order doesn’t necessarily have to happen that way.
-Hong Ki Hoon-

HKH: are you pretending not knowing me?
GEJ: Do I have to pretend that I know you?
GEJ: What Hyo Seon to you and what am I? 
HKH: It’s not Hyo Seon.
GEJ: She’s not?
HKH: That’s not the truth.
GEJ: Does Hyo Seon know that it’s not true?
HKH: I’m saying it’s not true!
GEJ: And… who are you?

HKH: Eun Jo yah...

HKH: Eun Jo yah...

“A woman can hide her love for 40 years, 

but can't hide her disgust and anger not for one day”

-Arab Proverbs Quote-

~End of Episode 5~

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