Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Autum's Concerto /下一站,幸福 8th Stop

"Is this the Ren Guang Xi that you truly want?
He originally had an unforgettable love, but it is hidden by all of us.
Now he’s even going to get married to someone else.
You aren’t afraid that once he remembered everything…
A person who was never self seeking has now become someone who can forgo his conscience in order to pursue success. 
I don’t believe this is good for Guang Xi." 

Look at the current Ren Guang Xi. 
A bright future, a compatible partner, 
and a status vied for by all, 
isn’t this is what a mother hopes for a son should be? 
I want him to forget all the past. 
Forget about all the unhappiness. 
- Mom (Fang De Rong)-

"You from before is still you. 
All these years, in order to achieve auntie’s standards, 
everything you do have to be success not failure. 
Even though you from before did whatever you wanted, 
but you placed great importance on heart in justice.
I thought you have change after all these year since the surgery, 
but you’re still you from before. 
You are still the honest and earnest you. 
My favorite Ren Guang Xi. "
–Yi Qian-

I am the prince of planet Dahra. 
Hua Hong you baddie, watch my gun! 
– Liang Xiao Le-

A long long time ago,
Alien daddy drove his Space Bu Bu and came to earth.
But Bu Bu suddenly broke and blocked the bus.
-Liang Mu Chen- (Narration)

I only need you to listen and be quite.
I don’t need energy crystals.
If you keep annoying me,
I will fly back to that whatever Planet Da Ra Ra. 
–Ren Guang Xi-
(like this quote... why? isn't it sound like RGX really take notes to whatever things LXL said...)

The bunny grows big ears
Going around the tree and then into the burrow.
Pull tight.

When I meet your mom, I will teach her many shoe lace tying amazing techniques.
-Ren Guang Xi-

It’s you… 

-Ren Guang Xi-

It was my decisions to leave. 
I started to get scared. 
So this time, I’ve decided to leave first. 
–Liang Mu Chen-

When I’m wake up, the first person I see, has to be you. 
– Ren Guang Xi-

When you’re wake up, a brand new life will be waiting for you. 
–Liang Mu Cheng-

How do you think we should repay Yi Qian and her father dedication to Guang Xi? 
– Mom (Fang De Rong)-

So this child mother is you.
I never thought that…
I would meet you again.
-Ren Guang Xi-

Mu Cheng,
You said he’s not daddy…
Then why do you look like you’re going to cry?
It’s because you haven’t seen daddy in a long time,
So you want to cry, right?
-Liang Xiao Le-

Extra screens cap.

My favorite scene goes to these. It’s just a simple actions but the message was there.
I like it how Van Ness & Xiao Bin makes me feel warm just by looking at their simple gesture such as offering hand and smile.

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