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Fanfic - Vacation (HJ & HB) Part 6

Extra Story # 4: Vacation
Date: May 15, 2009 21:53
Part 6

By the time they get back to the guesthouse, the Ajashi almost falls asleep, he is barely awake only to wait for them to return.

She does not know what Hyun Joong told the Ajashi, making him believes that they are a newly wed couple, and the Ajashi kept saying to them that they are very well matched and wishing them all along to Pali1 Pali to have their own babies.

She glares at him, but he returns with a tricky and sly smile.

They went back to their room, HB showers and tidies up first, and getting ready to go to bed.
Lying on the bed, thinking in mind that this is the first time they spend their night alone. The feeling is so weird, a little nervous, a little anticipates, but more is being fond, tender and sweet.
Knowing he is sleeping a few steps next to her, she feels calm and secure.

HJ steps out from the bathroom after shower, walks towards her, bends over, and softly seal kisses on her forehead, her eye, her cheek and on her lips ……
“Good night……” when she starts to believe his kisses would get deeper, he gets up and tenderly said.

Turning off the light, he lays on the other bed,
There is no city street lights around, the room becomes very dark and hardly see anything when the light is off.

“I’m going to sleep naked……” He said, and she heard him making slight noise, he sounds as if he is taking off his clothes……
“Yah, wouldn’t be that …… you really ……” She sits up at once, facing towards his direction said stutteringly.

“Sincha, I used to sleep naked, I told you already.” He does not stop, keep taking off his clothes while still talking.
“But…… I’m here too, wouldn’t you just keep your pajama on?”

“Wea? ……. I won’t mind if you want to sleep naked too.” The noise quiet down, he seems like he finished taking off his clothes, and lay back down on his bed again.
“Aish……” Her face must be blushing, luckily, the darkness in the room makes a great cover-up for her.

“I am serious, won’t you want to try? This is really comfy……” Although he sounds like he is serious, but why would she feel like he is tempting her into doing something evil?
“You wish……, you…… won’t be completely naked, would you?” She stutters again.

“Relax, my boxer is still sticking with me……”
Puhahah…..She rolls over laughing, and obviously she lost to him again.

He has been very busy and tired over his hectic schedules, he said, “I’m going to sleep now.”
Dozing off quickly, she even hears a slight snooze just in a short while. By the way, wasn’t he the one having trouble falling asleep?
Unlike him dozing off almost instantly, she turns out to be the one twisting and tossing in bed.

When he insisted that they spent the night in the same room, although she rejected the idea, she actually could not grasp her own mind, is she really refusing, or is she indistinctly looking forward? But in the end, he really is ……..

She jeeringly laughs at herself, it is her who thinks too much, he has been so upfront to his suggestion.
Slowly, she feels tired thinking this and that in her mind, and finally falling asleep.

The Morning glow seeps in through the thick window curtain, waking up from a restful sleep, she delightfully figures a clear sky and a bright day is bestowed.
Looking at the bed besides her, his deep sleeping look truly resembles an innocent baby, so cute.

Completely awake, she gets out of bed, stepping in the bathroom.
Finish washing up, getting herself tidy up, she takes a look at the clock. It is already eight in the morning, but he is still lost in his dreamland.
Looking at him huddling up, the comforter only covers under his chest, revealing his shoulder and arms.
He really sleeps naked, she talks to herself, shyly looking at him topless, and her heartbeat uncontrollably starts to flutter.

Sincha, she get used to see uncountable topless men when she was filming variety shows, CF, etc., never been flutter like this before, why would her feel this way now?

Certainly, he is purely slept on his own without having any second thought, it is only her who is exaggerated by her over-imaginary mind…….

End Note:
1 Pali – Korean word means Faster in English.

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