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MBLAQ, "Rain sunbae* is a big mountain that we have to overcome and goal" ①

There is a moment where I begin to question if this person is the person that I knew. At that moment, it is somewhat strange, somewhat new. MBLAQ is the latter. These boys have something that is different from the other idol groups with their innocent yet adult like features.

Although senior singer 'Rain's' glory is very bright and big, but these short but stout new idol group MBLAQ has said they will overcome it. MBLAQ who has said Individual promotions or advancing oversees "is unworthy for us who haven't even won first place yet" has just recently gotten their first, first place after 8 months of their debut on the 3rd. The new song 'Y' has been promoted for only two weeks and already it won first place on the professional cable broadcast Mnet 'M Countdown.' Before the boys caused this accident (?) we met them.

"Happy that we can show a variety of characteristics with nicknames such as 'chic-dol'"

-Introduce the new song 'Y'

▶(Seungho) If the main focus of our last single first album title was performance then this time the individual parts are distinct. This is a song that with all the fitted parts that the individual has to show their theatrical sides. Seeing that the overall song is simple on stage, the choreography's magnificence had to be minimized.

-'Y' had received disqualification judgment from SBS and MBC because of the lyrics.

▶(Mir) I feel bad about it. We're like this but as expected our fans feel bad as well. Because it passed on cable and KBS I thought it would be passed through all, but it couldn't pass SBS and MBC.

-'Dongba-Do' (Village Idiot Idol)', 'Chic-dol' there are a lot of nicknames.

▶(GO) I think it's affirmative. With only one image I think they will grow weary of it. I think that also because our the real personalities' part, the giving of pet names is a way of displaying interest. 
(Seungho) I think with the generation changing there is not only one thing that they like. We want to show that when we're friendly we're friendly, when we're on stage we're cool.

-This music video gathered a lot of interest. Are there any episodes?

▶(Joon) At that time because I had so little sleep I don't remember what state of mind I was filming in. Filming for the music video was harder than filming for the movie 'Ninja Assassin.' As much as receiving support from next to me. Because I was lacking sleep I yelled out a lot and when I cried I cried a lot. I cried 6,7 times in one day. The last shower scene was filmed in the morning and I couldn't see in front of me and I think I lost my mind, I felt as if my spirit had gone out of me.
(GO) I first shaved my mustache and filmed, but as we were filming my mustache kept growing and the mark would be shown on the screen So during filming I would have to shave. I was very troubled. I always carry around an electro motion shaver.

-Talking about GO's mustache, I think it would have been a burden to have a mustache as a character within the idol group.

▶(GO) I like growing my mustache. During my trainee period, and when I auditioned I had my mustache. When we first released our album Rain hyung suggested for me to find a different road from the others. With the thought of not going out with a pretty like feature, but more of a peculiar character. However looking at the broadcasts, I felt as I was I was harming our team. Although I wouldn't mind the words "Why is there an ahjussi**" would remain in my brain. I have no thoughts of growing my mustache unless it's like Santa Clause. With my mustache my hair style and make up ways don't show as much.

"Rain sunbae is one mountain that we have to cross over sometime"

-Lee Joon has heard that he looks a lot like Rain ever since he debuted as Rain's younger version. Same goes for 2PM's Junho but who do you think is more similar?

▶(Seungho) I think Junho has more resemblance. As for Joon his stage manner is similar to Rain sunbae's. When you take a picture and see it the flowing charms are kind of similar. Although the features are different.

-It is known that until he succeeds that Rain will stay away from dating is MBLAQ  also like that?

▶(Seungho) Boss does not let us not date. However because if all of the members fell into something we won't be able to come out so naturally I think we moderate it. Although I don't know about later as of now seeing that we haven't even got first place yet I don't want to focus on something else.
-What kind of existence is Rain to MBLAQ?

▶(GO) He is a goal. He is a mountain that we have to overcome yet he is also a road that we have to follow. All guy singers have the same goal. There would be no other course that male singers want to go as much as going as far as Rain sunbae has.
-A lot of idol groups are advancing overseas these days. MBLAQ have any plans?

▶(Seungho) Although advancing oversees is not something officially confirmed after we get acknowledged in our own land we want to succeed overseas. If we're safely at the number one spot within the country then I want to advance overseas. 

(GO) If we do get to go Japan is nice. Japan is one of the biggest music markets and I think it would help to cross across to the American markets.

*sunbae = senior
**ahjussi = old man

Source: Star News
Translation: mir-ified @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

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