Friday, April 23, 2010

Noh Min Woo (노민우)

Name No Min-Woo
Hangul: 노민우
Birthdate: May 29, 1986
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 183 cm
Blood Type:
Star Sign: Gemini

A Frozen Flower | Ssanghwajeom (2008)

TV Dramas
My Girlfriend Is Gumiho (SBS 2010)
Pasta | Paseuta (MBC / 2010)
Jeong Yak Yong (2009)
Mrs Town (2009)
Hilarious Housewives | Tae Hee Hye Ko Jih Yeon Yi (MBC / 2009)

TV Movie
Story of Wine (Mega TV / 2008)

Noh Min-woo was a member of "TRAX" and now a member of "24/7"

Damn beautiful than a girl. But he is tough though hehehe

What Do You Think?:


  1. He is really beautiful. the first pic, really look like a girl. Now i remember i first saw him in this week's SGB at KBSWorld, and couldn't help but to admire his beauty *lol*. You are right, he is beautiful than a girl. Tall and tough. Why so perfectly looking? Owh, he is the same age as HJ^^.

  2. In Pasta... can't help but keep looking at him. hehehe

    yup agree with you xaxa he is so perfectly looking ^^

  3. i felt in love wit him in my girlfriend is Gumiho!!!
    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeus!!

  4. MW is so pretty!! Nomu nomu chu-a MW!! I really like your music background! Thank you for sharing!!
    I like the Found you music :)

  5. just want to clarify:) 24/7 was only a project group and Minwoo is not doing anything with them anymore (Although I think it would have been cool if they continued and even finished an album!)

  6. how can there be so much sexy in one man????
    he can be pretty and hot!! XD LOVE YOU No MinWoo!!!! <3

  7. i love him 2 since my girlfriend is a gumiho..... :D

  8. I first saw him an elevator in Korea. Felt a very strong desire to feel him up, cuz I couldn't figure out if he was a girl or boy. Incredibly girly flower print shirt did not help.

  9. MW is just a perfect man! i fell in love with him after watching my girlfriend is a gumiho!!!!! SARANGHAE

  10. I'm watching Full House Take 2 now...he is brilliant as Tae Ik. I fall in love with him all over again. Linette, UK.