Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Thought on Hyun Joong Exclusive Contract With Key East

Finally the questions that fans and netizens waiting for have been revealed and many feel betrayed by leader KHJ for his decision to leave DSP Media and sign with Key East. 

I've read many comments regarding KHJ decision. So many questions pop-up when the news came out. As an entertainer I really think he make a good decision... 

Looking at fans point of view... we will only see what we really want to see. We would love it if KHJ stay with his former company and there are several reasons for that. As a fan there is a certain times we want to believe that Idol will always be an Idol, they won't get old, they won't change, they will always be smiling, they will always be together, will have this loyalty, friendship and brotherhood feeling towards other members and so on. 

But looking at KHJ point of view, as an entertainer, as an individual person, as a man who works to gain something and have so many dreams... If stay means he have to retain himself from achieving his dreams and gains, than leaving is better than stay. 

I should say KHJ is a wise man, he knows what he wants and he knows what to achieve. I believe he think and check the company background before decided to sign the contract. Key East is one of the most profit companies and to be part of a profit making company is what every person needed. 

As for SS501 future ... I believe KHJ make a great deal with Key East regarding this. Whatever happens to SS501, will he be part of SS501? Will he continue his activities as SS501? This is not for him to answer. It was a decision between DSP & Key East. Without their approval there is nothing KHJ could do. And of coz netizens and fans voice... 

So to support him all the way or point your fingers and blaming him for a decision he made for himself it's all up to you. As for me, I believe in him... I believe he will show us his different colors and talents within the new agency.

What Do You Think?:

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  1. He left Ss501? Hmm..I think they can manage them selves without him...in fact they have a very big talent...they have such a good voice and I believe they can be more success in the future. Sarang heyo, Ss501!!