Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fav Quote: Episode 4 Cinderella Sister

Episode 4 Cinderella Sister

Song of the Day: Turn Around By Joo

The stories begin…
They found it,
Grab onto it,
Feel it,
Treasure it,
But then lose it.

You get lost.
Even though I’m not here because I want to be,
I will never leave just because you told me too.
If I get sick of this place I can’t stand it,
I’ll leave with my own feet.
I won’t get lost just because you tell me to.
-Goo Eun Jo-

Don’t get sick again.
Run away If you’re about to get hit.
You’re an expert at that
If you act that stubborn again one more time,
You’re so dead.

 Hong Ki Hoon: Eun Jo yah.
Goo Eun Jo: Huh?
Hong Ki Hoon: It’s hurt right?
Goo Eun Jo: Yeah.

My Calves doesn’t hurt at all.
Even when I’m bleed, it doesn’t hurt.
I’m not sure the reason why.
It’s just…
My hurt feels like flying towards the end of the skies.
It might even reach the moon.
-Goo Eun Jo-

I don’t care.
Because I just want to hear the compliment of one person.
-Goo Eun Jo-

Because I never called that person
Because I never described him to someone else
I don’t know what to call him…
That person is that person…
If that person isn’t that person,
Then who does he become?
Does this make sense?
Does this make sense?!
-Goo Eun Joo-

Dear Eun Jo,
I’m going alone now,
But later on I’ll take you to Ushuaia, to the moon and to the stars.
Don’t run away; don’t go anywhere and just wait for me at home.
I won’t let you leave.
-Hong Ki Hoon (Letter)-

 Will you grab onto me?
You who couldn’t cry although your knee was bleeding,
A dummy just like Hong Ki Hoon, Eun Jo yah…
If you grab onto me, I think I could stop right here.
Grab onto me before I board this train.
Eun Jo yah…
-Hong Ki Hoon-

Just like cuckoo bird cries cuckoo, cuckoo.
Just like the Ibis cries out its call…
 Just like a bird, I called my name and cried
-Goo Eun Jo-

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