Thursday, June 24, 2010

Q&A with MBLAQ By 10Asia

These days, making a debut as an idol group in Korea is similar to a turtle egg that has been hatched on the beach. The moment the baby turtle breaks out of the egg shell and enters the ocean, he is guaranteed an infinite amount of freedom but a considerable number of them are put into a life or death crisis during the short time they head out to the ocean. Likewise, for idol group singers, the toughest and the most dangerous time in their careers is after they have made their debut and are trying to settle into their own place in the music industry. Most idol groups do not succeed in getting the public's attention and disappear from the spotlight right after their debut. Those who survived the phase come to life again through numerous stage performances and variety show appearances. It is only after people start recognizing them and gain a visible amount of fandom that the idol group members can get what they want, little by little. The members of MBLAQ are little warriors who battled through such dangerous survival game. MBLAQ, who caused a stir for being Rain's first idol group creation at the time of their debut, are gradually building up their own identity after going through many trials and errors and making as many accomplishments. These days, one can easily see them in any of Korea's variety shows. And not too long ago, they took the No. 1 spot on Mnet music show "M! Countdown." 10Asia met with the boys who just finished preparing for their dive into the ocean and talked about what they are currently up to.

10: Have you been watching the World Cup games? 
Joon: Yes. I've been watching the highlights. (laugh)

10: Why? Because you are busy? 
Joon: Yes. We are really busy. I used to want to be an actor so before I debuted, I knew what movies were playing in theaters. But these days I have no idea what's playing. 

10: You are pretty much cut off from the world if you don't have time to watch the World Cup. (laugh) 
Mir: It's the World Cup! (laugh)
G.O.: I think that is why we are living a pure life. (laugh) Like how guys in the countryside would be living. When I occasionally get free time and meet with other singers, I think to myself, "Ah, I am a very pure-living person." (laugh)
Joon: That is really, really, really true. 

10: G.O., you even said on television that you went out with twenty girls before you debuted. (laugh) 
G.O.: Whew, these days I feel like all that has been swiped clean and I have returned to a blank state. (laugh) Whatever you do, you feel bored if you do too much of it and you need a bigger stimulation. We have been living a secluded life for several years so I feel like when we do get the free time, we would have so much to do. And that makes me happy. 

10: I heard that Mir sold a cow to go on a date. (laugh) 
Mir: Yes, I am a liberal person... Haha. I think I've done pretty much everything in life.

10: The song "Y" reached No.1 on music show "M! Countdown." Did you have a change of heart after making No.1? (laugh) Didn't you have a celebration party or something afterwards? 
Mir: We just rehearsed after the show, you know.

10: So you didn't have a change of heart. (laugh) 
Seung Ho: My mental attitude did change a little. I feel more responsibility and I have ideas about what kind of music we should do next. 
Cheon Dung: I just cried that night and forgot about it. Forgot about claiming No.1. I plan to keep forgetting about it if we make No.1 again in the future. 

10: Seung Ho cried a little when you took No.1 for the first time on "M! Countdown." As the group's leader, perhaps you felt more emotional than others? 
Seung Ho: I didn't think that I would cry. But my paternal grandfather passed away before we took No.1 and I would suddenly break down after saying a few words. If he had been healthy enough to be here for just two more weeks, he could heard our new song... So when I stood there making several comments, all the past memories really flashed through my head like pictures. I was very sad because I remembered my grandfather. 
Mir: (imitates Seung Ho crying) Ugh- ugh- 
Cheon Dung: He cried his heart away in tears.
Joon: I left mine in Sangam-dong [where the Mnet studio is located.]. 
G.O.: You know how they show the record sales and the judges' stats when they announce No.1? At that moment, you already start drawing out you emotions and strike a cool pose and...
Cheon Dung: I was standing next to him and he was already feeling emotional before that.. 
Mir: Everyone gasped for about three to five seconds and then started crying, but I cried the second they yelled "MBLAQ!" It was very embarrassing. 
10: Did you think that "Y" would receive this much response from fans? They might feel that the song is a bit different from the current trend because it keeps tension throughout the whole song rather than emphasizing the chorus.
Seung Ho: I was worried when I first heard the song. The current songs all put their stake in the chorus whereas this song focuses on the vibe. But we felt most confident expressing ourselves through "Y" than any other songs. 

10: What was it like rehearsing for the performance? The song could look funny if you can't keep up with the rhythm, which subtly changes throughout the song. 
Seung Ho: First, you just keep practicing over and over agin. And it is important to put it all of your efforts when you practice. It is better to sing like you are really performing on stage rather than letting loose, not singing live and practicing that way ten times. We don't have a microphone in our practice room so we sing with our raw voice. But we sing with the sound turned down and check it afterwards.

10: What is it like dancing and singing at the same time? It must be a tough song to perform live because it has one long flow. 
Seung Ho: At first, I wondered if we could really do this. I had never sung a song in such way, so it was hard and I got scolded a lot too. I went into a slump thinking I can't sing and I worried how I'm supposed to do this dancing a tough routine at the same time... But you end up doing everything in the end. (laugh) 

10: In the dance choreography, there are many movements that elongate the body line but the chorographer also put in very intense dances moves in a lot of places. But you also have to keep the flow of the song till the end. I thought the creator and the performer of this routine are all crazy. (laugh) 
Seung Ho: Yeah. "Oh Yeah" is about the strong performance, so you just have to give an intense visual feeling to viewers. But "Y" has one long flow from the beginning to end and you have to exude a good vibe. If you start panting because it is hard, the dance moves look too tiring. On the other hand, if you go too loose with the singing, it could sound boring. 

10: Lee Joon starts singing in the beginning, setting the tone of the song. How did you interpret the song when you sang it? 
Joon: It is hard even now. You only hear the beat in the beginning part. I have to set the pitch and get in tune as soon as I turn around in the choreography. That is why I start singing "Some, some, somebody" right before I go on stage so I can hit the right note. Still, that not changes often during television appearances. 

10: You have to keep your muscles tense throughout the song because there are intense dance moves even when you are continuing the singing flow. How did you rehearse for that? 
Joon: (When told he has to take an individual photo shoot) Ah, I have to answer this before I go! (laugh) I have stuff I want to say. 

10: Say as much as you want. (laugh) 
Joon: There are times the flow breaks down while I'm dancing and I kind of bounce my body. That is when the singing continues on naturally. When we were promoting "Oh Yeah," I got a lot of negative criticism about my live performances. So during the rehearsals, I was determined not to get criticized this time but I couldn't do it. To be honest, it is still hard. But really, after doing it several hundred times, I feel like my heart and other organs are breaking down [like the dance flow] and popping out. (laugh)

10: The highlight in the song is the group dance. What was it like practicing for the choreography together? The rehearsals must have been a bit different from other groups. 
Seung Ho: We went through a lot of trial and error before coming up with that choreography. Unlike when we debuted, the members also had individual activities to carry out and there was only a certain time when we could all meet. So we had to really concentrate when we were together and there was pressure that we had to master the routine by the next day. 
G.O.: The song is not a very commercial one so we had a lot of worries over whether we should keep the dance routine commercial and easy for people to follow or to keep it non-commercial like the song. 
Seung Ho: When we rehearse dancing, one person sits out and observes the four members. We take turns sitting out and do it five times. We have been practicing this way since we debuted and we were able to communicate a lot of our opinions. And when five of us monitor the videotaped performance, that speeds up the rehearsing process. 

10: Mir, you were in a different situation than other members because you are a rapper. 
Mir: I still feel pressured. (laugh) In the first album, I started singing the song in the beginning and it was a big burden because it is hard to kick off the start. 

10: On your debut single, no less. (laugh) 
Mir: Yes. And even Ji-hoon [referring singer Rain who created and trained the group] put pressure on me, saying "The beginning is the most important part." Plus, "Y" has no vocal ad-libs and my rap part comes on instead. It is burdening because I have to make an impact on the song when it is almost about to end. Ji-hoon guided me through it himself but it was very difficult. And you are in a state of excitement on stage so when you take a breath the wrong way, that can mess up your rap too.

10: Rain is the vocal guide and producer of your group and he has taught you many things. But your vocal style is different than Rain's even though one's singing style usually changes according to the song's producer. How did you receiving vocal training? 
G.O.: We had a lot of experiences before we debuted , so we had been singing in our own styles for a long time. To a certain extent, we do get told how to deliver the feeling of each song but we decided that we would keep our original voices and the singing styles that we already had. 
Seung Ho: A lot of our opinions were pretty much reflected in this album and Ji-hoon doesn't force us to do something. For example, he doesn't assign one member to sing a part which suits another person and makes him practice. We pretty much decide who is going to see which part. 

10: The members take care of their work. 
Seung Ho: What Ji-hoon emphasized was that we be independent. I think the songs we wrote ourselves are going to be included in the next album. He doesn't try to force us to do something but does it in a subtle way. (laugh) So that we won't feel pressured and as time passes, we would come to accept it ourselves that we are a certain kind of team. I think he already has an image of our stage performance when he gives us the songs, and makes the song click with the image. 

10: On MBC variety show "Radio Star," Rain said that he told MBLAQ in the beginning to take care of their image but thought he could let you guys be after seeing you on TV appearances. Did he really say that in the beginning? 
Seung Ho: When we first debuted, we usually went on televised music shows and had a strong image. So Ji-hoon didn't have much to worry about. But as we began to do variety shows, one after another, I think he started thinking, "What is going on with these kids." And it started getting more and more out of hand. (laugh) Then he told us to do anything we wanted, saying "I didn't know you guys were this funny."

10: Lee Joon is making quite a fool of himself on variety shows. (laugh) 
Joon: I am trying to hold back these days because I feel like I'm showing you too much stuff. One needs some restraint, you know. (laugh)

10: You said all kinds of things about Rain on KBS variety show "Happy Together." Did anything happen after the show aired? (laugh) 
Joon: We thought a lot [about what we should say] before doing the show. Whether we should choose the public and get scolded by Ji-hoon, or tell a boring to viewers and be adored by Ji-hoon. (laugh) We chose the viewers because they are bigger in number and said everything we wanted. (laugh) Ji-hoon didn't say much after the episode aired, but he doesn't tell me anything personal these days. (laugh) But to be honest, I'm not really a funny person. And I wasn't trying to be funny on the show. 

10: That is the funniest thing of all. (laugh) To say that you are not funny, after everything you said on the show. 
Joon: That was like one or two minutes of funny stuff out of a six-hour taping. I don't talk much and my personality has a little dark side too. To be honest, "Happy Together" is a show that gets very high ratings and all I thought about was that I should say anything and everything to make a strong impression on viewers. I didn't care how it would make Ji-hoon look. (laugh) So I blurted out everything. 

10: You can practice dancing and singing but it is hard to practice for variety shows. But doing variety shows has become a must for idol group singers. What do you think is the most necessary skill in doing variety shows? 
Seung Ho: Gumption, quick reflexes and good timing. You can tell the same story but the timing can either make or break the humor. 
Mir: I think timing is the most important thing. I got edited out many times because I didn't have good timing. (laugh)

10: Maybe that is why Mir seems to be having a tough time on MBC Everyone's "Idol Show." 
Mir: When I was a trainee, everyone told me I would do great physical comedy because I was the most unique. So in the beginning, people told me that I would be the saviour of the group on variety show appearances. But from a certain point, I began to see sides of other members that I didn't know about and what's more, they were funny without making a fool of themselves. In the beginning, our work schedule would read "Mir, Mir, Mir" but my name started disappearing, one by one. Now I am riding on their coattails. (laugh)

10: For Cheon Dung, "Idol Show" was the first time in experiencing a group variety show appearance. What was it like on the set? 
Cheon Dung: It was very.. uh, difficult but other people were so funny. I decided that I would laugh loudly like an audience member and just say something if somebody asks me. So I said some stuff. Then I got ambitious and said I would be the emcee. When funny scenes of other members got posted on the website, I would try to be funny on purpose and say that I wanted to be hilarious like them. 

10: You lived overseas and haven't been working in Korea for that long. Isn't it hard for you to communicate in Korean? 
Cheon Dung: Nothing too hard. When I read the viewers' stories on the radio, there are many words that are hard to pronounce. But other than that, everything is okay. 

10: You prepare more vocal mimicry than anyone else. (laugh) 
Joon: That's right. He does a new one every week. (laugh)
Seung Ho: Out of everyone I know who has studied or lived abroad, he has spent the shortest time in Korea but speaks Korean the best. Including all the slangs and stuff. (laugh)

10: Who taught you the Korean slangs? (laugh) 
Seung Ho: I teach him one or two.. (laugh)

10: What does your older sister [Sandara Park of girl band 2NE1] say to you about your work? 
Cheon Dung: When we were promoting our first album, we kept in touch a lot and she taught me a lot of things. But with this album, she's just like, "I saw you perform."

10: Do you know that some people become shocked upon looking at how small your face is?
Cheon Dung: Oh really?

10: They say it's so small and has great ratio...
Cheon Dung: But some people have said it's weird for a guy to have such small face so I think it was two days ago that I felt hurt because of that.
Joon: Weird? I should die then.
Mir: It's better having a face as big as mine.

10: Joon, you definitely don't have a big face either.
Joon: The people at my agency tell me not to stand next to him. I envy him so much.

10: Cheon Dung, I heard you're interested in composing songs. Are there any songs that you have made so far?
Cheon Dung: I've completed two songs so far but I'm studying the MIDI these days because I'm not good at using it. That's why I'm focusing more on learning how to use the MIDI than composing.

10: What style of music are you interested in?
Cheon Dung: I'm not that particular about it. I just work on whatever I feel is right and expresses me the best. No matter how good the melody sounds, I throw it away if I feel that it isn't me.

10: Joon, I understand that you have a lot of interest in acting but you studied dancing first, right?
Joon: Yes but I had originally wanted to act. I wasn't interested in becoming a singer and was studying acting when a friend of mine asked me to go for an audition with him so I auditioned as an actor. But Rain told me that he thought I would be good as a singer too so that's how I became a singer.
Seung Ho: I thought he must be a fraud in the beginning (laugh) because he joined the agency saying he wants to become an actor but started dancing to become the Joon he is today.

10: Joon, I heard it was by chance that you took up dancing too. You're a very fast learner for that.
Joon: I was a very hard worker. And it was because of the girls -- they kept looking down on me. Dancers are usually strong-minded and most of them are well off. On the other hand my family was in bad shape and I only had one set of dancing clothes. The girls would say that I smell because I would always wear the same set of dancing clothes that I washed everyday and about 15 girls would come up to me and say that I'm really bad so I worked really hard after that. I ended up receiving good grades and the reason I took up dancing in the first place was because I wanted to become an actor.

10: It seems that you're a fast learner considering that the dancing you learned back is different from the choreography that your group uses now. You must have an even harder time than people who haven't danced at all before.
Joon: It's so difficult. I've heard so many times that the rest of my group looks like they are dancing but that I'm not. I've been trying really hard to change my style of dancing.
G.O.: I think Joon has gone through a good process considering the fact that the real great dancers started out in ballet or contemporary dancing. And our group in general have a great sense when it comes to dancing. I used to think that I have more experience because I had released an album before but I now think these guys are better than me.

10: G.O., how did you get to become a member of MBLAQ? 
G.O.: I released an album in 2007. However, the company that I was with went bankrupt and the C.E.O was imprisoned for fraud. At the time I was still in high school and I had come all the way from Changwon Province to Seoul alone to become a singer and without knowing anything, I had just grabbed at the chance thinking it was an opportunity. Then I looked for a company that was trustworthy. I put a large part of my trust in J.Tune because they had a singer like Rain. 

10: You once sang a song by Maroon 5 before. What style of music would you like to do if you had a solo career? 
G.O.: When I was in high school I was in a rock band so I really enjoy rock music. But I also enjoy ballads by Kim Bum-soo and “Wild Flower” by R&B group Color Me Bad. They're the kind of songs that you want to listen to over and over again because the arrangement is so unique. 

10: Mir, what kind of work would you like to do if you weren't part of MBLAQ? 
Mir: I have thought about that a lot. On what I should do if I was put in the situation to quit my job as an idol...

10: But you guys have just released your second mini-album. (laugh) 
Mir: I'm worried about that already.
G.O.: That's because you forgot the determination you had when you first debuted!
Cheon Dung: I'm gonna go solo for the next album! (laugh) 
Mir: Hahahahahaha. Anyway, I had thought a lot about what I want to do. And with my brother-in-law being the C.E.O. of the company (laugh) I somehow found myself having fun doing management work on the computer. I should look at how the company is doing and maybe take on managerment...
MBLAQ: (laugh) It's not managerment, it's management! 
Mir: Oh yeah, management! I would like to start a business. Everyone has exceptional talents and maybe Cheon Dung could do the producing. After thinking about what I wanted to do, I told the C.E.O. that I would like to try management. In the future, I would like carry out business in a company just like my seniors. 

10: So then you will probably get to manage the members of MBLAQ? (laugh) 
Seung Ho: Turn the sorrow felt by the youngest member to us...Haha. The team manager and director said they would hire me as an employee if things didn't go as planned for MBLAQ. 

10: Why? 
Seung Ho: First of all, we were a new company that was run by few people. That's why we only have one person on the team that discovers new talent. It would be great if that person could only take care of just us but that person works for Rain as well. That's why we sometimes have to do all the work such as filling up the practice room with water bottles. Because I like working with machines, I also fix any electrical problems and directly call the teacher for lessons. And before we made our debut, I would be the one driving everyone around like when going to gym.

10: Haha. So Seung Ho, do you also have interest in management? 
Seung Ho: No, because personality-wise I don't think I'm the kind of person who can teach or manage others. I will probably get mad and explode if I'm frustrated while I'm teaching someone. But I would like be a producer. 

10: Seung Ho, in the cable channel MBCevery1's reality program "Idol Show" it seems that instead of concentrating on one thing, you try to find equilibrium. As if you look at the whole situation. 
Seung Ho: I adjust to situations as it happens. 

10: You guys seem like a team that has a lot of independent thoughts. Do you think it has anything to do with the company's atmosphere? You guys are the only idols in the company and you don't get many chances of becoming close with other idols. 
G.O.: I think that it has a lot to with it. Our company is very family-oriented and there is much time for us to talk together starting with the fact that we live together. That's why we have lots of meetings regarding our performances or variety shows. 

10: Doesn't it sometimes feel stifling to constantly have to be with your team and meet only company people? 
Joon: It can be at times but we don't have much time to concentrate on other things because of our busy schedule. Also we love to sleep. When we go home we go to sleep without talking with each other. I am satisfied with that. 

10: So what would you guys do if you were given a weeks break? 
Joon: Rain said that we can sleep when we die. (laugh) So I will die and just sleep as if I'm on sleeping pills.
Seung Ho: I want to go somewhere fun with the other members. I would like to go to the beach or a small hotel, a hotel in the countryside just for us. It can be at the corner or the foot of a mountain. I don't think we ever went anywhere fun with each other. 
Cheon Dung: I think I would just practice if I was given spare time. I will probably write songs. 
MBLAQ: Oh...that is just wrong. 
Cheon Dung: I want to do it more now that you tell me not to. (laugh)
Seung Ho: Ah, I think Mir would go to his hometown, Jangseong. 
Mir: Of course. I think if we were really given time off, we wouldn't go anywhere together as a group. We would all say our goodbyes, say we will call each other and meet up a week later. Maybe that is what's best for the team. I think that is our team. (laugh) 

10: You recently had an autograph signing session. Are there any fans you remember in particular?
Seung Ho: There are a couple of people we see often at the autograph sessions. Even though we've seen them several times we are really thankful because they still cherish each one of our autographs. 
Joon: There is a website that badmouths us. They're actually our fans but they insult us. (laugh) They would criticize us if we do well and swear more if we do badly. I think they get their fun out of it. Those people came to the autograph session and they mentioned which website they were with. When I saw them they looked like people who would never say a bad word and looked very studious. That's why they are so memorable. 
Seung Ho: I have fun visiting that website. I don't know if they are my biggest fan but they must have really like my hair when it was up. They first insulted our stylist when I got my hairstyle changed and wrote a message saying that the old me should come back. (laugh) 

10: Seung Ho, it seems that you are attentive to your fans responses. Didn't you respond to a fan who asked for help in using a printer on your Twitter page? (laugh) 
Seung Ho: I don't usually reply to the messages the fans write. There are a lot of the same questions and many UFO text messages [text messages in which the stars reply back to it themselves]. But I felt like I just had to answer that question. 

10: You are known as the first-ever 'After Service Idol.' (laugh) You mentioned before about becoming an engineering student if you weren't a singer. 
Seung Ho: Yes, because I have a lot of interest in machines. I remember a long time ago I was kicked out of the house for breaking apart the computer [because they were really expensive then]. I've become better at restraining myself with everything else but machines as I grow older.

10: Seung Ho, watching you play the piano on TV was surprising. When did you begin playing? 
Seung Ho: I look like someone who wouldn't play the piano (laugh) but I've been learning to play it for about ten years now. Lately, I haven't played the piano and I wanted to show the audience after I re-started playing it and it was also embarrassing because I didn't even practice properly. I began to learn to play the piano again after that performance. 

10: What machines have you been interested in lately? 
Seung Ho: Ah. I already have everything. All I need now is the Mac Pro. (laugh) 

10: Last year you said you have no particular reason to buy an iPhone. 
Seung Ho: Now I have both the iPhone and a Blackberry. (laugh) 

10: Since you love machines, do you give such electronic machines as gifts too? (laugh) I heard that you told Joon to play games at least one hour a day after you gave him a game console. 
Seung Ho: I didn't buy it for him but instead gave him one of mine because I had so many and it seemed like Joon really wanted one. 

10: Does he still make you play it at least one hour a day? 
Joon: No, I don't think I can. It has caused much conflict.
Seung Ho: That's why I reduced it to 30 minutes. 
Joon: I think it was yesterday or the day before where he had a really angry look on his face and was telling me to play games (laugh) and he didn't go to sleep until I did. 
Seung Ho: I usually sleep early but I haven't been able to get much sleep because I'm making sure he plays games. (laugh) He can play any game he likes just as long he plays it.

10: Joon, do you know that your fans have nicknamed you 'human beagle'?
Joon: No!

10: Beagles are an energetic and hyperactive breed. (laugh) They named you that because you are good at killing the mood when you go on telelvision.
Joon: Huh? I don't have that kind of image, I'm very quiet.
All: ......
Seung Ho: I just want to say one thing: our house is in order these days even though the maid doesn't come. That's because of me. I'm the one who set up all our instruments and put all your clothes on your bed. But it's you who wipes everything off the bed as soon as you get home!
Joon: Nah, never heard of it.
Seung Ho: But Joon gets lonely very easily so he starts feeling lonely if his room is clean. He says that there has to be no empty spaces to make it look full.
MBLAQ: Hahahaha!
Cheong Dung: It sounds like you're describing a puppy.

10: Joon, it sounds like you're the one who brings disaster to your house. (laugh)
Joon: All I would like to say is that I've told myself that I should let go of myself while living with my band members. That's why I sometimes turn down the opportunity to wash up.
Cheon Dung: But you shouldn't!
Joon: Even when it comes to being tidy, that I should just let go. That I should hold myself back while living with my group. I don't like being messy but I'm holding myself back from expressing it. (laugh)
Seung Ho: But what's really weird is that when we're were trainees, Joon's room was in such perfect order, down to the smallest things in his wardrobe. What happened to you?
G.O.: It's because his mother did it.
Joon: I do [clean up] too! But because I've decided to let go of everything...
Seung Ho: I better draw a line on the floor now.
G.O.: People usually place sports equipments a distance from where people walk around right? But I once kicked a dumbbell he had hidden under a towel. 
Mir: Me too. I picked up a towel and how heavy it was.
Cheon Dung: I've bumped into a bench press before.

10: I heard you all just relax when you're at home.
Mir: I just sleep.
Joon: We all like doing our own things...
G.O.: We're already pretty much alone but we try and stay further away from each other (laugh) by going into different rooms.
Seung Ho: That's right. When someone is on the computer in one room, another person will go into another room to make a phonecall.
G.O.: This guy [pointing to Joon] has piled up a partition-like wall with his laundry around his bed, as if he's at the hospital. Completely blocked off! He covers up everything because he likes to sleep soundly.

10: Cheon Dung, how do you feel when you see how your group members act? Are things ever difficult for you being the youngest?
Cheon Dung: People don't care about age differences overseas, everyone is friends, but I saw that that's not the way it works in Korea. It was difficult having to be polite to someone who is even just a year older than me. But I realized that it was a meaningless concept within our group so I've gone back to living like I'm overseas. (laugh)

10: It seems like you guys have so much fun together. Are there any variety shows in particular that you would like to try appearing on together?
G.O.: I just like it when we make viewers laugh rather than wanting to go on a certain show. We spend a lot of time together so we do a lot of meetings in advance too. We're regulars on "Star King" now and people have fun watching when we copy the guests or do something even funnier than them. So we'll come up with plans on what to do on the show while looking at the script. 
Mir: We really do so many things to survive on the show.

10: Have you considered singing a more cute and loveable song? It seems like you could pull it off looking at how cheerful you guys are on variety shows.
Mir: Well we did once but it was a bad experience.

10: You're referring to "Good Luv," right?
Joon: It was just a complete disaster.
MBLAQ: Hahahaha.
G.O.: Honestly, I think trying to look loveable isn't a thing for five guys to do altogether at once.
Cheon Dung: Yes... And unless we were 17-years-old...
Seung Ho: Cheerful, maybe, but doing cute is just too much for us.
G.O.: When we all have hair and everything!
Joon: And muscles like this!
Mir: But "Good Luv" is still a song that we wish we had done better with.

10: I think Cheon Dung and Mir might be able to pull it off.
Mir: I too thought I could but once I actually did, the criticism I received...
G.O.: You were good. And at least it's better for the youngest. I had to do it with a moustache...

10: G.O., do you feel happy about having shaved off your moustache?
G.O.: Yes. Before, you couldn't tell whether there hadn't been any changes to my make-up or hair because of the moustache. So I think it's good in that sense.

10: What was it that you liked about your wardrobe or concept for "Y"? Your overly shiny clothes in your music video became talk of the town. (laugh)
Seung Ho: I liked everything about it. But with "Y," I understand that there were various opinions about the music video. There were two backgrounds to it. And with the black background, we thought it was okay because both the singing and dancing are strong so we were trying to lessen that vibe with our clothes but when we danced in fluorescent clothes on a white background... that's what happened. (laugh) I don't know what I should tell my son later on. That your dad used to be like that. (laugh)
Mir: We didn't know it would turn out like that at the time but we were surprised too when we saw it. (laugh)

10: But you ended up winning first place with "Y." How did Rain react to it?
Joon: [He said] You happy? (laugh)

10: What a chic response by the chic producer of a chic group. (laugh) What influence do you think Rain has on you guys?
Seung Ho: He has quite a bit of influence without us even knowing it. All five of us respect him. And me in particular, I had actually had no intentions of becoming a singer. I was a student but I suddenly felt the urge to become a singer so I joined J.Tune when I was 22. So this agency will be the first and last firm that I join. Rain was also the only man that I felt was cool. I sometimes even wondered how he does what he does when I watch him practice. And then I just naturally ended up following his footsteps.
Mir: When I look at Rain, I feel that I want to become a producer like him. But I think a different sort of producer. I want to try help managing an agency rather than set up one myself.

10: Of all the things that Rain has said to you, what has left the strongest impression?
G.O.: This is what I remember the most. "I can help you guys buy a good house and a nice car. But it's up to you guys to make it possible. This is probably the only job in the world that comes with both wealth and glory while being something that you can truly enjoy. So if that isn't enough to make you work hard, then you're stupid."
Joon: Sleep after you die.

10: Haha. That's scary.
Joon: It may sound funny at first but if you think about it, it's very moving. When we feel like we want to die because we're so tired from our busy schedule, those words are what keeps us going.
Mir: I heard that people sleep 20 to 30 years of the average 80 years that they live.
G.O.: That's why these days, I tell myself I'm dying when I go to sleep. (laugh) I'm going to sleep all I want after we really make it big!

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