Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kim Sun Ah's "Bucket List Number 21"

Actress Kim Sun Ah shared her feelings after the end of SBS drama "Scent of a Woman."

On September 12, Kim Sun Ah wrote on her me2day account that "I still have yet to fulfill number 21 on my bucket list, which is to say: Thank you to all of the viewers."

"It still feels like I have to rush out of bed and go film episode 17. Please give me some time. I can't really say anything else right now. I still need to sort out my emotions. Please have a happy Chuseok," stated Kim Sun Ah posting a picture at the same time.

In the picture is Kim Sun Ah's silhouette holding her Bucket List notebook, and also a picture of Lee Dong Wook back-hugging her, both with happiness in their faces.

Kim Sun Ah received wide spread love during the last two months on SBS drama "Scent of a Woman" which ended happily on September 11, as a terminally ill cancer patient.

The production filmed up until the last day, the same day the last episode aired, and Kim Sun Ah is yet to come out completely and recover from her character Lee Yeon Jae.

Netizens have shown their support: "It is bittersweet that it ended. Just leave it as a good memory and it will stay with you forever. You did a good job!" "Looks like it will take some time for Kim Sun Ah to leave Lee Yeon Jae and completely return to herself." "As expected it is hard for her to leave her character." "You did an awesome job, I am really happy. Thank you."

After successfully finishing "Scent of a Woman," Kim Sun Ah is now preparing to advertise her movie "Fighting Spirit" with Kim Joo Hyuk.

This emotion packed drama touched the hearts of viewers nation wide, it's no wonder that it has a big after effect on Kim Sun Ah.

Source: Soompi

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