Thursday, September 8, 2011

Industry defends Kang Ho Dong against rumors saying he earns $30 million USD a year

Kang Ho Dong‘s associate has stepped up to dismiss rumors speculating that his yearly income was $30 million USD. The rumors first came about when news of his tax evasion came to light, causing an angered citizen to file a lawsuit against the MC for dodging taxes when he made $30 million USD a year.

One broadcasting representative explained, “Logically, it makes no sense that Kang Ho Dong would make $30 million USD a year. Let’s say he makes $10,000 USD per episode from the four programs he stars in on the three broadcasting channels – that only amounts to $2 million USD for 52 weeks. Even including his various advertisement income and events, you can’t make $30 million like that. That rumor is completely unfounded.”

He continued, “Kang Ho Dong also doesn’t perform at night events or cable programs — he only stars in three or four programs. Where are people even getting these numbers? Kang Ho Dong and other celebrities get their taxes done by a tax accountant. Logically speaking, how much do you think these celebrities would know about the tax system? They have everything done by an accountant. There isn’t even an exact figure on the amount that Kang Ho Dong specifically owes yet.”

Another close industry representative of Kang Ho Dong added, “He has nothing to earn out of recapitalizing. He was met with a loss for a very long time, and a lot of people know how much he suffered because of that.”

Kang Ho Dong’s agency had also previously explained, “There was a slight misunderstanding by the accountant that handles Kang Ho Dong’s taxes. He did not purposely avoid paying his taxes. We acknowledge his mistake and promise that this will never happen again.”

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate

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