Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[Interview] Four words that surround Lee Dong-wook


Lee Dong-wook is here after Hyeon Bin and Cha Seung-won. If Hyeon Bin's Kim Joo-won and Cha Seung-won's Dok Go-jin had ladies falling over at the start of this year, the later half is led by Lee Dong-wook's Kang Ji-wook.

Lee Dong-wook returned with the SBS weekend drama "Scent of a Woman" as soon as he got out of the army. He headed straight for the set as he was scheduled for a poster shoot. Was it because he wanted to start so badly that his first project out of the army has been successful?

We met him in a café in Seoul recently. He thought seriously before he spoke and he spoke in a flat but rhythmic tone. He was witty enough to throw a few jokes here and there and we took a look at the 4 keywords that surround him.

◇ Hyeon Bin

Lee Dong-wook knew about the little nickname 'the 2nd Hyeon Bin' from viewers. Hyeon Bin is a star who brought on the romantic comedy fever. As Hyeon Bin's joining the army and Lee Dong-wook's exit meshed, the two were contrasted in a strange way. Lee Dong-wook said, "I am grateful for being compared with a star like that and I think the timing was awesome. I know Hyeon Bin to be a year younger than me but I want to be the '1st Lee Dong-wook'".

◇ Kim Seon-ah

Between Hyeon Bin and Lee Dong-wook is Kim Seon-ah. Before "Scent of a Woman" she co-starred with Hyeon Bin in "My Name Is Kim Sam Soon". Lee Dong-wook said, "We met for the first time on set and after we said 'Hi!' we hugged each other". What he means is that they got close practicing the tango for a month. "I thought I could get more help than pressure from her as she is the logo queen. She knows how to lead on set and is very considerate of other people".

◇ Boom

Lee Dong-wook and Boom are fellow soldiers from the Korean National Defense Promotion Center. Lee Dong-wook sent Boom a banner on his day out to celebrate. About Lee Dong-wook, Boom said, "He is a multi-entertainer as white as a sheet of paper". Lee Dong-wook received a bunch of flowers right after the drama preview. It was from Boom. "He's younger than me but he's very deferential. Now that he's active again, I asked him to call me for one of his programs".

◇ Kim Jae-won

Kim Jae-won was also in the same camp as Lee Dong-wook and they were close even before the army. At the question asking him to valuate himself, he mentioned Kim Jae-won first. "I saw an article and the number one actor to be successful after being discharged was Kim Jae-won, then me. My objective is to exceed him". The two are close enough to be laughing about this because apparently Kim Jae-won found it funny.


Source : NateHanCinema

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