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[Fanfic] Buin, I Feel It Too

They were filming fine until she told him that she already received a lot of fortune meeting him. Then they exchanged a few more words.

Hwang Bo had told him that she had one more thing to do for him before they parted. She had planned to make him onion soup.

When he had suggested that she could come and support him and his members when they have event in the future, she turned quiet. She did not speak for a very long minute despite Hyun Joong listed SS501 upcoming events she could attend. When he had called her name in concern, she merely stared at him, looking annoyed and angry.

Hyun Joong chuckled. She was not a good actress. Before dinner, she was angry with him for explaining to about his friend's lie. But she was still smiling and playful. "Arh.. You are playing trick on me again? This is my second time being fooled. I will not believe it anymore." He sat on the floor, looking at her with a smile.

She felt like she was falling for him at a very dangerous speed. Things were happening too fast. How did their relationship evolved in a ridiculous pace from awkward silence to comfortable conversation to a sudden end? "Arh! I'm going crazy.." Hwang Bo put her hands on the top of her head. She moved her head from side to side as if trying to shake the thought out of her head. She sighed again. "He shouldn't encourage me!" She grumbled lowly, audible only to herself, putting the blame at Hyun Joong. He should not talk about the future when they divorced.

Hyun Joong smiled as he spoke, "I will not fall for you trick twice, Let's truce." He leaned forward towards her. Although she was faking it, but the mood had turn solemn in a sudden.

"Don't talk to me. Don't come here!" Hwang Bo could not contain herself from screaming at him in annoyed tone. She was on the verge of crying. She would definitely cry if he came to her and spoke to her in sweet tone.

Hyun Joong was flabbergasted when Hwang Bo used that tone on him. Did he do something wrong to provoke her angry? Hyun Joong's forehead wrinkled like elephant skin. He recalled the only time he annoyed Hwang Bo until she was really upset. The piano incident before he left for work in Japan. He knew it was because they were growing closer and more familiar with each others hence the reaction. "Buin, why are you angry?" he asked in confused tone. They grew even closer now than then. They understood each other better. There was no reason for her to be annoyed at him.

She shook her head, kept her gaze low as if trying to hide from him. Most importantly, she was trying to hide from the camera. "I can't do this anymore. Sorry," she said, striding slowly towards the assistant PD assigned to them. She shook her head several times to emphasize her refusal to continue with the filming. "I'm not feeling well. Can we continue later?" she asked, earnestly.

Hyun Joong stared at Hwang Bo with blank expression. Then he turned his gaze towards the assistant PD. He saw him contemplating with what to do. Upon seeing the assistant PD's expression, it struck Hyun Joong that Hwang Bo was really not feeling well. This was not another prank staged for him. He hurriedly rushed to her side. When he reached her side, Hyun Joong put his hands on her shoulders. He was surprised when she squirmed and pushed his hands off her shoulders.

Hwang Bo turned to the assistant PD and apologized to him, "I'm sorry." She should be giving her excuses but Hyun Joong cut in her sentence.

"Director, Buin looks lethargic. Shouldn't we give her a break? She did rush here and there between filming and her other work."

The assistant PD hesitated a bit before nodding his head. There was not supposed to be any clash between Hwang Bo other recording and We Go Married. The clashes were because the Ssangshu Couple schedule was pushed back towards the end of the weeks because of Hyun Joong's sleeping pill incident. The assistant PD was not someone inconsiderate. Hwang Bo took good care of him and the crew when they filming. There were times when they have to spend the night at the set. She would happily cook dinner for everyone and prepare breakfast in the morning. He nodded his head in agreement with Hyun Joong. "Cut! Let's stop for a while. Hwang Bo shi, why don't you.."

"Buin, why don't you lie down in the bed for a while?" Hyun Joong did not realized he butted in the assistant PD's sentence. In fact, he was oblivious to the surrounding. His attention was solely for Hwang Bo.

"Why are you so nice to me?" she muttered under her breath. She fell on the floor, squatting and burying her head on her laps.

"Hwang Bo!

"Hwang Buin!"

She lifted her hand, indicating to everyone she was all right. They might have thought she was about to faint when she suddenly fell on the floor like that. "I'm fine," she said. Her legs were weak though. She was carrying a very heavy emotion within her. She wanted to push away Hyun Joong's hands again but he was holding her too firm. Instead of protesting, she let him guide her to the bedroom.

Hyun Joong gave a blank look to gesture he did not know what was wrong with Hwang Bo when all eyes were at him, as if asking him the question. He too, like them, was shocked by her sudden change of mood. Hyun Joong, with his arms around her shoulders, slowly walked her to the bedroom. Once they were inside, he lightly pushed her to lie down on the bed. "Take a rest for a while. We can continue in the morning," he told her as he covered her up with the comforter.

She was tired, both physically and emotionally. She cared less about her surroundings. The noise she could faintly hear from outside. The room she could barely see in the dim light. The person in front of her looked more like a shadow than a real person.

"Why are you so nice to me? Why do I feel like you like me a lot? The way you talk to me, about me, the way you treat me," she sighed and pulled the comforter up to her neck. She rolled on her side, facing him. She could not tell whether the Hyun Joong in front of her really was there or he was just a figment of her tired mind. "Why do you make me fall for you? Why you never stop me from falling? Or catch me?" She sighed again and rolled on her back. She must be crazy talking like this to herself. Hwang Bo closed her eyes and let herself drifted to slumber land.

Hwang Bo's confession was a shock to Hyun Joong. He merely sat on the floor, staring at her sleeping face. He should not do it. He felt like he was intruding her privacy. But that confession.. "Noona, how could you think all this is an act?" If he was given a character, he would act as the character. But he was not given any character for We Got Married. He was told to be himself. This was him. He was not given a script. He made and said his own line. It was not a lie.

The truth was, there were times he felt like he should not get too close to her. Sometimes, during the break, he would isolate himself at a corner to mind his own business. Most of the time he would practice his dance step. From his corner, he would glance at her, watching her in silence. When he first knew her, he respected her as a senior who had achieved a lot under her name. His respect slowly grew into admiration of her kind heart and pure soul. Lately both respect and admiration had turned into something else that was hard to explain. He liked her. He however did not think he worth to have feeling more than like for her. Nor did he think he was qualified or dare to have that kind of feeling for someone like her.

He got up from the floor. Hyun Joong glanced at Hwang Bo from the corner of his eyes before he left the room. He would wait for her to calm down and wake up. Then he would tell her the truth.

- the end -

Writer: COMEL
[COMEL] 2008. All rights reserved.

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  1. This is not my first time reading this. After all these years, still, this is one of my fav. Plus your background music, haha just perfect!

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    I think I'll try to update more on this fanfic since 'Promise' is on idle now.

  3. thank you for doing this love everything
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