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Fav. Quote: Episode 2 Cinderella’s Sister

Episode 2 Cinderella’s Sister

Song of the day: De Colores By Raffi

“Look at how far we’ve come.
When we meet in the train,
Did you ever think that we’d come to this?”
-Goo Hyo Seon-

“Do you always talk so much?
Your life story is boring…
And I don’t want to listen to it…”
-Sung Eun Jo-

“Is there something you want to swipe from me?
Why are you smiling?
I don’t have anything worth swiping… so don’t smile.”
-Sung Eun Jo-

“Do you only smile when there’s something worth swiping?
I have never heard such gibberish in my whole life.
You smile at something’s funny or pleasing or delightful or good.
There are so many reasons to smile.
Why do you say that swiping something is the reason for smiling?”
-Hong Ki Hoon-

De colores
(In the colors)
De colores
(In the colors)
Es el alco iris que vemos lucir
(Is the rainbow we see shining)
Y pr eso los grandes amores
(And that is why I love)
De muchos colores me gustan a mi
(The great love of many colors)
Y pr eso los grandes amores
(And that is why I love)
De muchos colores me gustan a mi
(The great love of many colors)
-Hong Ki Hoon (sing)-

“Whatever you don’t know, or even may know. Just don’t say anything.
That woman and her daughter, they’re my family now.
Stop talking ill of my family from now on.”
-Goo Dae Seong-

“You can lean on me.”
-Goo Dae Seong-

“I’m trying to get as much as possible while I can, why do you have so many questions?
I don’t know if I’ll be able to live here for a long time and keep attending school.
I don’t know when we’ll be kicked out or when we’ll need to run away, so I’m trying toget as much done as I can while I’m here.”
–Sung Eun Jo-

“The reason why I’m trying to keep you here…
even though you keep fighting and clawing like a hurt kitten…
isn’t just I’m asked to. I was… also like you.
I was like you.
But after spending time here, I became like me.
I became cool here. And I’m going to become even cooler.
I’m sorry, I won’t do that again.”
–Hong Ki Hoon-

Extra Screen cap (^_^):

Love this part...
I like how they shoot this scene. 
It give us many feelings about it... maybe its just me but 
I really like it :P

This scene means a lot for the episode...
its a combine of a loves, hates, annoyed and jealousy feelings...
they don't have to describe that feelings through words... 
just a body language and of coz a great shoot.

End of episode 2 ^^

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