Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Autumn's Concerto / 下一站,幸福 6th Stop

"The day that I found out about my tumor, I told myself, this is a gift from God.
This tumor is reminding me everyday that I don't have much time left.
To be able to breath like this is a very precious thing.
This tumor has caused me to live my life again.
-Jia Da-

When you're in front of me, 
you don't have to pretend to be brave.
You can be scared.
-Liang Mu Cheng-

When you have someone holding your hand,you can go every where.
When you have someone replying, you can say anything.
because it's between two people.
Even if it's something extremely dull, 
it will make you feel very blissful.
-Liang Mu Cheng-

The magic that can stop time for a moment, is photography.
Photography is magic that takes an instant and transform it into something everlasting.

If tomorrow is the end of the world, have I already left behind an unforgettable moment?
-Ren Guang Xi-

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