Monday, May 10, 2010

Lee Jun-ki's military photo revealed on Cyworld

A recent photo of Lee Jun-ki taken at his current military training camp is spreading fast on the Internet since first being posted on Korea's popular social networking site Cyworld. 
In the picture, taken by a training assistant at Nonsan military camp and later put up on his mini-hompy, the military uniform-clad Lee is seen smiling while making a salute with his hands. 

The actor looks to be in more cheerful spirits than he was last Monday, when he held back tears and saluted hundreds of his fans goodbye before heading off to serve the country's two-year mandatory military service. 

One fan remarked in the comments section below the photo, "I am relieved to see him more upbeat."

Lee, best known for his role in the 2005 pic "The King and the Clown", had been shooting the film "Grand Prix" and set to appear in blockbuster TV series "Faith" when he was notified by the government to report to the military. 

He initially tried to defer his entrance date in order to finish up the shootings, but pulled out from both projects when he was unable to do so.

After receiving five weeks of basic training at Nonsan, Lee will be assigned to a different base where he will carry out twenty months of military duties. 

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* Hope we can see more of him miss that smile a lot ^^

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  1. i love lee jun ki..he portray his character well whatever it is.he is seems to be happy person...hope to see more of lee jun ki after his military service..