Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yonghwa & Soehyun Episode 4

Back after their long date. Both spend some qualities time together
at Yonghwa practice room. 

Both have an incredible great day. 
Looking at the picture Yonghwa want the picture 
to be place at their house when they got one.
& Soehyun gave him an honest answer...
They should just pit it on their drawers.

That conversation lead to another conversation.

They talked about Soehyun ideal type of house
and she happily describe it as
a two-story white house with a garden.

And Yonghwas suddenly ruin the imagination & suggest
an ecohouse...

The reason is because he have been build a friendly environmental house...
Listening to the fact that Soehyun says that's was okay... but she don't want that kind of house LOL

And then Yonghwa started giving Soehyun a homework...
she have to learn the C & G cord... 

Yonghwa ask Soehyun to play the piano and she was happy to do so 
coz she love it so much.

One of the MC ask if Soehyun is good with piano
and Jinwoon suddenly answered 'Yes'
and gain all the attention again.
(He knows too much about Soehyun hahaha)

And then they started their collaboration with 
'Falling Slowly' just great enough to remind us to our beloved Ssangchu Couple.
(They make a perfect harmony...)

And the commenter start giving out their opinion such as:

"It's nice to see both of them sharing something in common"


"They're booth pretty, it's like watching a movie..."

(LoL he sound more jealous if he suddenly give a compliment... but cute though ^^)

Even Seulong think its funny to hear that...

Will continue later.... I was early today so I can do this.
but now I have to got back to work...
I'll update this as soon as possible. ^^

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