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Jang Dong-gun, Ko So-young Wed on May 2

Top Korean actors Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young got married in a star-studded wedding ceremony held at Seoul's Shilla Hotel on May 2, ending months of media frenzy over their 18-year friendship and romance.

The star couple, dubbed Korea's equivalent of Brangelina, held a photo and Q&A session several hours prior to the ceremony, answering questions by reporters about the wedding and their baby -- Ko is four months pregnant. 

"Thank you so much for coming," Jang started off by saying. "We are very grateful and glad for the attention you have shown us, but it was also overwhelming. But today, I feel grateful for everything."

After Ko mentioned that "the baby is doing fine," Jang explained that they went to the doctor a few days ago where they were told "the baby is healthy" and added his hopes that "it's a girl who looks like Ko So-young."

The couple, who went public with their romantic involvement last November, shared details of their long friendship that first began on the set of 1999 film "Love Wind, Love Song" where the two are said to have become very close very quickly.

About the dating rumors that have been around ever since, Ko said, "I think we both had feelings for each other but we were young back then. And I think we cared about each other so much that we didn't want to risk our friendship by going out and end up losing a friend if we break up later, so I think we just remained good friends."

The two reportedly started dating two years ago with Jang popping the question sometime around last fall. Ko said, "[Jang] had mentioned marriage several times but he first proposed last summer, or sometime between summer and fall."

Jang had explained at his fan meeting in March that he started considering marriage while on shoot for the film "Warrior's Way," where he started "looking back upon [his] life and thinking about [his] life as a man, beyond the actor Jang Dong-gun." 

It was then where he "began to develop different emotions toward an old friend" and naturally started feeling that [he] wanted to spend of the rest of [his] life with her."

The marriage of the country's two top stars brought out scores of top Korean celebrities to The Shilla hotel who posed for hundreds of fans and cameras nearby. 

Guests included actors Park Joong-hoon who hosted the ceremony, Lee Byung-hun, Jung Woo-sung, So Ji-sub, Song Seung-heon, Lee Jung-jae, Hyun Bin, Rain and Shin Min-ah and celebrity couples Son Ji-chang and Oh Yeon-soo, Kwon Sang-woo and Son Tae-young, and Kim Seung-woo and Kim Nam-joo. 

Korean singer Shin Seung-hun sang "One Fine Day" for the newlyweds while Lee Eo-ryung, famed literature critic and father of "Warrior's Way" director Lee Seung-moo, officiated the ceremony. 

Singer and actress Lee Hye-young received the bouquet from Ko while actor Jung Woo-sung was handed the flowers worn by the groom. 

Jang and Ko will leave for Bali for their honeymoon and settle in their new home in Seoul's Heukseuk-dong area. 

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  1. Hey, I have a question. If it's 18 years of romance and friendship, that would mean they knew each other back in 1992 and that's before Jang's debut as well as Ko So Young's. So, I'm not sure.

    Hope you can answer my question as I was really puzzled. Still puzzled over it.

  2. Well we can only guess that they have known each other earlier than Jang debut years... coz Ko have been debut earlier than him.. so everything is possible ^^