Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fav Quote: Episode 1 Cinderella Sister

Episode 1 Cinderella Sister

Song of the day: It Has To be You By Yesung (SuJu)

The first episode  started beautifully, I'm not going to write the recap... this time I decided to just take out the best quote... I mean my fav. quote (^_^). 
I know I have a limited time to spend on my blogs... that's the reason why I choose to put only quote now.

I think CS is my fav. emotional drama... 2010 LOL.

"I don’t know when I’ll be able to have my next meal.
I have to eat what I can now so… don’t bother me."
–Sung Eun Jo-

"Listen carefully to what I tell you.
No matter where you end up or where you live,
I will come find you and take care of you for the rest of your life."
- Han Woo Jung-

(So Eun Jo is Han Woo Jung’s Girl)

"When she’s in a god mood, she cusses.
Even if she’s in a bad mood, she cusses.
She’s a mother but that’s how she lives.
Please understand.
She does far worse things like they’re nothing.
Do you think you would like having a mother like her?"
–Sung Eun Jo-

"My mom has had more than a million men.
Before she could give me dad number 1,000,001
I decided to abandon her." 
– Sung Eun Jo-

"Is there something you lost forever?"
-Hong Ki Hoon-

You’re mine.
If you say the moon is square, I think it is.
If you say salt is sweet and candy is salty
I probably would drink the salt water and spit the candy out." 
-Go Hyo Seon-


"It’s because I’m by myself that I can run away.
I can be happy as long as I don’t have my mom."

"I’m not going to stop
Even if I have to rummage through garbage for the rest of my life
I will not let my mother, Song Kang Sook and the man she's clinging too take me to where they live." 
–Song Eun Jo-

"You think you can do anything to survive?
It’s not easy to do.
Even if you go, you’re a minor so no one will accept you.
And no matter how hard you work, you will just eke by.
You have no idea how hard it will be."
"How about waiting until you’re 20 to run away?"
-Hong Ki Hoon-

"It’s strange.
It’s really strange.
I want to believe him, even if he told me the moon was square.
I’m sure I’ve been put under a spell."
- Song Eun Jo-

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