Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Autumn's Concerto / 下一站,幸福 7th Stop

 迷修! 迷修!
Missu! Missu!
-Xiao Le-  
(this is my most fav. quote... actually whatever comes out from Xiao Le lips sounds wonderful to me LOL)

There are so many people on earth, why did you fall in love with an  alien? 
-Xiao Le-

Because Aliens are the most unique. I have such good taste. Therefore, I must like the most unique alien. -Liang Mu Cheng-

Sometimes I will try to remember those past event but then realized that those memories have become so distant, so blurred.
-Liang Mu Cheng-

I'm afraid of loosing you,
I'm afraid of you doubting my love.
I'm afraid of...
you not knowing how important you are to me.
-Ren Guang Xi-

* The 7th stop shows us the life they have lead after 6 years being apart.
RGX lost his memories,
LMC continue her life as a single mother,
Tuo Ye & Yi Qian devoted their life and love
to RGX & LMC.

The 7th stop... is only the beginning of their journey.

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