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Fanfic - Vacation (HJ & HB) Part 5

Date: May 13, 2009

Part 5

Watching the sun slowly setting behind the mountain, everything is shimmering in red under the sunset glow. 

“It’s so odd that we can have such a date.”
She slows down, standing besides him, his features is soften and luminous by the glow. Looking at him from the side, her heart throbs suddenly, and gets lost in such attractive view.

“That’s right ……, so comfy.” 
He turns to her way, his gaze sparkles with melting glamour.

“What’s the matter?” He asked.

Under his intense charming gaze, she feels shy,
“The sunset ……, is so pretty……”

He puts his hand behind her neck, slowly move close, and finally capture her lips, giving passionate kisses on her lips. Caressing and smooching.
She feels like she was completely surrounded by him, all she can feel is him, and him alone.

His warm breath brushes on her face, his intimate caresses, his fervent kisses bring tingling from her lips to her entirely, she is losing her strength little by little, all she could do is to lean on him and huddle against him.

She does not know how long had passed, but she finally grabs back her sense, pushing him back a little,
“Don’t ……, people will pass by ……, they would watch us.”
“If they watch ……, I’d charge them ……, admission.”

He gets close again,
But she turns sideway trying hard to escape his kiss, putting both hands on his chest, avoiding him to get too close,
“Don’t be like this …… in public ……”

He forces her into his embrace, tightly jostle together like crazy glue,
“Concentrate! I’m going to charge Admission, you have to perform well."
Abruptly kisses on her lips again, bringing her into another ardent deep whirl, making her forgets anything else……

Even him does not know how long had passed before he finally releases her, 
She nestles in his embrace, breathing in heavily, trying to clam down her violent heartbeats, and listening to his strong heartbeat in unison.

He grabs and brings up her hand, gives a kiss and says, “Haja ……”

Locking their fingers together, continues their walk,
He likes holding her hand like this, interlocking their fingers…..

She feels the warmth from his palm, and this warmth reaches her heart.

Willing to hold his hand and walk down the path …… endlessly walk down the path…….

Without knowing, the sun is completely set and the darken sky is twinkling with brilliant starlight.

Looking at the starry sky, she slows down, and is amazed, “Woo, such beautiful stars ……”

He looks up too, “Marjo1, there’re a lot too,”

“Look! That is the brightest star among the starry sky.” She discovers a very very bright star, and points to show him.

He looks at her pointed direction, considers awhile, then shakes his head, “The brightest star is not over there……”

She tilts her head looking at him, “Then, where is it? …… Point it to me……”

His eyes smilingly sparkle, “The brightest star, aren’t I already picked for you?” 

She is rather dazed, but quickly picked up what he meant, and no longer able to hold her laugh, “Marjo ……”

Snuggling in his embrace, HJ hugs her closer with his strong arm……

Surrounding by the tranquil serenity, hearing hoots from the crickets sporadically, sometimes near sometimes far, 
They are leaning comfortably to each other, standing on the route towards the tea valley, and looking at the twinkling starlight.

She stops talking, not willing to break the serenity that rarely happened around them.

For a long time ……

“What are you thinking now?” She finally breaks the silence.
He retrieves his sight from the sky, lowers his head, and takes a gaze at her, “You really want to know?”

She laughs, “Wea? …… Are you thinking something I shouldn’t know?”
“…… I’m thinking …… The ice from the Antarctica is melting very fast, perhaps another ice age is approaching, at that time …… Cockroaches may rule the World.” He abruptly said.

She rolls over laughing, “Wea?”

He proves himself to be the KIM HYUN JOONG, the 4D prince. The beautiful starry sky is above him, the comforting autumn breeze gently brushes him, and the aroma from the tea trees is filled in the air; in such romantic setting, only he would have such unsentimental things in mind ……, even so, she is really ……. Not mind at all.

He continues with a very serious expression, “Cockroaches survive in the last two ice age, they have the most obstinate vitality,”
“Sincha? …… That’s hard to say ah……” She tries to hold her laugh said.

“What a pity …… We were not able to witness…….” He said in an infinite regretful tone.
“Fortunately! …… We were not able to witness…….” She sighed in a relieved tone.

End Note:

1 Marjo – Korean Word, meaning “That’s right”

Credits:只想戒毒, from Chinese Ssangchu Baidu Island
Additional information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

© [只想戒毒 & ydwlai] 2009. All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of [只想戒毒 & ydwlai].

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