Friday, November 5, 2010

My Thought On: Sungkyunkwan Scandal

It was easy to get attached to this drama. The casts, the plots, the songs, the characters… it was a great combined. 

The script writer definitely takes notes every inch of the plot making it not just entertaining but also magnificent. 

The truth is, at first I have no interest on this drama. Not that I didn’t heard or know about it… but because I was too busy giving all my attention to My Girlfriend Is Gumiho and Playful Kiss. And I don’t really know why I watched it but after watching the 1st episode... I have to change my biased mind. 

The 1st episode automatically grabs my attention. With Park Shin Young disguised as a guy, Mickey Yoochoon serious character, Song Joong Ki winks and Yoo Ah In looking hot… the combination of this 4 people who have different back ground, different attitude and even different sense in putting their cloths, it was interesting enough to watch they stayed, works and dream the same dreams together. 

Kim Yoon Shik who works in a book store as one of the writer have met many interesting people but never realized that ‘she’ who disguised as ‘he’ have attracted one of the customer attentions… Gu Yong Ha also known as Yeorim (playboy). 

Working and disguised as a man is not what she really intend to do but in order to help her sick brother and to feed her family this is the reason to do so. 

In the other place, a young man earnestly reading his book throw with an egg by his classmate who believed if he collected hairs from well known people or even a good student keeping it and make it into brush will help him in his exam. And it was bad enough that the one hair he looking for make him lost every hair he have. The owner of the untouched hair is Lee Seon Jun the Prime Minister son who shows no interest on building a friendship or even care if people hate him as long as he believe what wrong is wrong and what right is right other than that nothing can change his mind. 

Kim Yoon Shik and Lee Seon Joon met at a wrong place and a wrong time. Kim Yoon Shik who supposed to sit an exam for someone who paid him approached wrong person at a wrong place, thanks to this incident the exam finally proceed with much more proper exam environment. 

Kim Yoon Shik who left without being able to fulfill his task leaves a simple message to Lee Seon Jun, 

“A scholar that only know word, and strong righteousness, but fails to understand the lives of normal citizens, if those who sells their words for food are considered as thieves, than are those who sell their words for power considered as loyal? If such people are allowed to handle a blade, then he will be a knife wielding murderer. If there is someone who could be a thief, that person would be me” 

Her life is so dramatic, first she has to disguise than she is forced to marry an old man as an exchange for their unpaid debt. It might be the end for any other ordinary girl but to Kim Yoon Hee that’s not something can happen without working her brain. Kim Yoon Hee is indeed a beautiful girl with knowledge, whatever words came out from her lips makes anyone stop, think and decides… stop to listen, think how to answer and decides to proceed or not. 

Surrounded by thugs Kim Yoon Hee shows her feminine side, begging for her money to be return and asking for their sympathy this time she was saved by a stranger who happened to take a nap at the area… While her other encounter with his soon to be friend is while in disguised, it was different with this one. She was completely Kim Yoon Hee and it was acceptable enough why this person can’t recognize her later it’s because he can’t face any girl straight on their eyes. As a repayment for the help she received from him she handed her handkerchief. He received it and leave a few words… he considered it as a repayment; 

“Don’t ever bow your head to anyone. Don’t kneel to anyone. It will become a habit. Once it become a habit, it will be hard to fix."

The story begins with how the four of main character first encounter, it shows a little bit of Kim Yoon Hee and Lee Seon Jun life. The different between them and the reason for ‘Sungkyunkwan’ linked with scandals. 

I have to say that the first episode is well explained. I like it how Gu Yong Ha easily point out that Kim Yoon Shik is a girl, without even say anything you can tell it by his gesture and the way he look at Kim Yoon Shik. Well of coz because he is Gu Yong Ha ^^ 

I like how Lee Seon Jun who bluntly believe and accept that the beautiful boy is really a boy even after giving some sign & still he insist to believe only what he want to believe. That character of him explained why he is the righteous. 

For Moon Jae Shin, he appeared with bad tempered, good fighting skills and much more shabby than the other. Show a particular symptom (hiccups) when around girls. He can’t stand girls more than a minute and he will start showing the symptom uncontrollable. And for him who have met with Kim Yoon Shik before but yet can’t tell the different is acceptable. 

For those who love watching coffee prince than, this will be another drama that will make your heart ache for an impossible love but yet beautifully gathered in this drama Which complete with task to Solve, Secrets to discover, friendship to be tested, trust to be broken and forgiveness to be given. 

“Desire brings you greatest achievement” 
“Friendship gives you better judgment.” 
“Love brings you hopes & perfect companion.” 
This is what you’ll learn while walking along the path with them in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ 


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