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Fanfic HBHJ: Buin, I'm Your Puppy

"Shillang!" Hwang Bo called Hyun Joong when he appeared at the doorway. "How have you been? Was there anyone here bothering you or not?" she asked, being protective in a sudden. When she heard Hyung Don and Crown J laughed on the phone before, they sounded evil. Hwang Bo quickly glanced inside the living room, looking for Hyung Don.

"There was none," came Hyun Joong's reply.

Satisfied with the answer, Hwang Bo walked towards the kitchen after greeting Andy and Solbi. Hyung Don was too immersed in the match to notice her. She would give Hyung Don and Crown J a good scold until their ears bleed if they really were making fun of Hyun Joong. 

"Buin, why are you late?" Hyun Joong asked.

Hyun Joong reminded Hwang Bo of her puppy. Her puppy always barked and jumped around her feet excitedly whenever she walked in the front door after coming back from work. This was exactly what Hyun Joong was doing. No, he didn't bark but his eyes were filled with excitement as he rubbed his hands together in front of him. His grin looked like he was anticipating something from her. "What?" Hwang Bo asked, looking at him from head to toe several time, avoiding his eyes. Of course. "Are you happy to see me?" she asked again, playfully.

"I'm happy to see the dumplings." 

The answer really cracked her up. Hwang Bo hit Hyun Joong's upper arm several time before pouting and placing the dumpling bag on the dinner table. Hyun Joong's grin widened. He chuckled. Yes, he was happy to see her. Although the noona and three hyungs were watching the match with him, Hyun Joong missed Hwang Bo. It was more fun with her around. Her laughter cheered him up.

Hwang Bo took a plate from Crown J's dish rack. Hyun Joong never failed to make her laugh. "Help me to put the dumpling on the plate," Hwang Bo requested.

"Hhhmm.." Hyun Joong was already doing what Hwang Bo told him even before he was asked to. It may sound absurd but Hyun Joong actually like having Hwang Bo telling him to do this and that. He wanted to show her what he was capable of. He wanted her to know he could level with her in some way. He knew his Buin was a very capable person. She proved it to him so many times.

The vest she sewed. The scarf she knitted. The food she cooked for his members and him when she came to surprised him in Japan. She even opened the bottle with spoon and his guitar case with her tools! Hyun Joong was so proud of her. He felt like parading Hwang Bo around, telling everyone this was his Buin. 

Hyun Joong lifted his hand to slightly brush his cheek. Everyone already knew his Buin's capability and the fact that she was his Buin. But he wished he could do that out of We Got Married.

Hwang Bo stood behind him, giggling alone as she watched him carefully arranging the dumpling one by one on the plate. If it was her who bullied him, it was OK because after all, she was his Buin. Hwang Bo smiled at the thought. Yes, it was OK. Hyun Joong was his Shillang.

When she peeked at the plate from behind Hyun Joong, Hwang Bo dropped on her knees, laughing until her stomach hurt. She had one hand holding on her stomach and the other grabbing the table.

Hyun Joong smiled shyly and lowered his gaze to stare at the top of Hwang Bo's head. He knew why she laughed.

"Ya!" Hwang Bo grabbed Hyun Joong's arm and tilted her head to look at him.. "You know that we are not doing dumpling arrangement, right?" Hwang Bo turned her gaze to the nicely arranged dumplings on the plate. It looked like some sort of formation. Hwang Bo could not figure out what it was.

Hyun Joong nodded, grinned and brushed his hair aside. "I made you a dumpling puppy," Hyun Joong announced proudly. "The nose, the eyes.." His finger started to point at the plates. 

He sounded so enthusiastic. Hwang Bo could not help but threw her head back, covered her face with both hands and laughed. 

"You two always have fun only between the two of you!" Hyung Don shouted from outside. 

Both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo ignored Hyung Don's grumble. The truth was, they were both drown in their own small 4D world that they failed to notice the complaint was intended for them.

"This is its tongue sticking out. This puppy is rather stubborn." 

"Why?" asked Hwang Bo. She finally managed to look at the dumpling puppy arrangement Hyun Joong made without laughing.

Hyun Joong turned towards Hwang Bo with a deadpan expression on his face. "It can't listen well. It has only one ear," he answered, pointing at the plate again. "There's not enough dumpling to make the other ear. Next time, Buin must buy more dumplings."

Hwang Bo smiled, took the plate and gestured Hyun Joong to follow her to the living room, joining the others. "Hyun Joong made this dumpling arrangement for us," Hwang Bo smugly told Andy, Solbi, Hyung Don and Crown J as she placed the dumpling plate on the middle of the coffee table.

"No.. No.." Hyun Joong waved his hands modestly. "Hwang Buin bought it for us." 

"Shillang is very good to me," Hwang Bo continued to praise Hyun Joong. One hand was on her chest and the other was patting Hyun Joong's arm. "He treats me well. I'm happy to be his Buin."

Hyun Joong was suddenly so thrill. He lowered his head, hiding his smile. He pretended to fix his hair. He knew he was capable of something. He was capable of making his Buin happy. Now that he knew he was capable to make Hwang Bo happy, Hyun Joong anticipated her laughter and smile more. He vowed to do it better next time.

- the end -

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