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My Thought On: The Thorn Birds (가시나무새)

I've been having problems writing my thought lately... if I have to list out dramas and movies that I've been trying to write on... there is a lot. But today, I decide to write my thought on this drama. I guess maybe because I'm watching it starting with doubting about the quality it may results... and yes to my surprise I'm stuck with it till the end.

Details about the cast... well you might want to know this.

Name: Han Hye Jin
D.O.B: Oct 27, 1981

Name: Joo Sang Wook
D.O.B: July 18, 1978

Name: Kim Min Jeong
D.O.B: July 30, 1982

Name: Seo Do Yeong
D.O.B: April 14, 1981

The cast, they're surprisingly great. I've known Han Hye-jin (한혜진), Joo Sang-wook (주상욱) & Seo Do-yeong (서도영) from their other dramas but not Kim Min-jeong (김민정), well maybe I've seen her somewhere before but not fully giving my attention to her thats why. But if I have to pick my most fav. actors on this drama I'll have to say Kim Min Jeong and Seo Do yeong. Its not that Han Hye Jin and Joo Sang Wook fail to deliver their roles, it just that maybe both Kim Min Jeong and Seo Do Yeong deliver it better. Don't understand? LOL just ignore that... I'm being complicated again hahaha.

So just like my other thoughts that I've write before, I'll point out what I like and dislike about the drama. I guess it's easy for me to separate the positive and negative rather than pointing it together. So, the story begin with...

What I like about this drama:

1. The story line - the story started with 2 little girls playing out their roles as an actress and producers not knowing that their little dreams plus with big hope might turn their life upside down. They've grown up with different point of view, started with being friend but end up with hatred, anger and betrayal which also revolved around people they both love and trusted. The storyline might be hard for us to stumble on in this real life but its close enough to the reality.

2. The 2 strong character - I like it when everyone has their own flaws. 

Seo Jung Eun who was so bright, positive, naive and good hearted have their own limit, through out the episode she slowly showing us that she is growing into someone much more stronger and determine. 

Han Yoo Kyeong the complicated character actually not really complicated. She who shows us her only bad side actually trying to show us the weak, lovely and pity side of her. Han Yoo Kyeong who grow up with so much hatred on her just fail to let others know what she really want. Damn, I hate her enough to understand her hahaha.

3.The Supporting cast - Without the strong present of the other cast this drama will definitely... err.. well maybe not close enough to catch my attention. I don't have to tell you more about the four main cast coz they're perfectly great. I guess I started to adore Cha Hwa Yeon (Lee Ae Rin), Choi Jae Won (Park Han Soo), and Kim Ha Eun (Yang Mi Ryeon). 

4. The cute little girl -Where did they found that little pretty girl? Kim Soo-hyeon (김수현) as Han Byeol is my fav. eye candy in this drama hahaha... she's too cute and sweet. It will be weird if I don't mention her in my reason to like this drama LOL.

5. The siblings - I like it when all the brothers end up with good relationship. They've fought like crazy but still I have to say I like it when the story didn't end up weird or worse for siblings.

6. The emotion - and finally, the reason to for me to really like it is how they end up the story with so much love... we hate, we fight, we cry and we envy each other... but still no matter how bad things are... as long as there is love... there is a hope.

What I don't like: (Wish I don't have to list it out hahaha)

1. The character - I don't really like Lee Yeong Jo character... read it carefully... I don't like Lee Yeong Jo not Joo Sang Wook... Hahaha I don't know why, I just don't like that character, he makes me wonder... is he really in love with Seo Jung Eun or Han Yoo Kyeong? oh well of coz, that's the point... Seo Jung Eun too think he still in love with Han Yoo Kyeong... and that's why I don't like that character.

2. The character... errr relationship? - Why? why does every good guy end up with nobody? I know I'm not rooting for Choi Kang Woo with Seo Jung Eun... well not that I'm not it just that I've prepared enough to understand it will never happen after all. But I just wish that Choi Kang Woo character never fall in love with Seo Jung Eun... why don't he just fall in love with Han Yoo Kyeong? at least there is still hope right? argh! 

3. Hmmm.... do I have more? errrr.... too tired to think... I guess I've forgot the rest hahaha

The story started slow, and yet they've deliver it greatly. I've shared the same feelings... and unknowingly I've grown to love them... Watch them if you're looking for something strong and avoid this drama if you're looking for something fun. Will I recommending this drama to you? LOL you know my answer. 

"To all mothers out there...Happy Mothers Day."

To Mom, receiving your love itself is a bless, you might annoyed me sometimes but I've always love you and that will never stop... thank you mom for your immortal love.

What Do You Think?:

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  1. I finished all 20 episode in 3 days! During the first day, i watched 9 episodes back to back. I don't know why i was so hooked up with this drama. Coz believe me my 'What i dont like' list is longer than 'What i like' about this drama. Still, i finished in 3 days :D

    And I have same issue like you do with Yeong Jo character. I dont understand how and why he was so in love with Yoo Keong. It was so sudden and just like that, he was left broken hearted. Same goes to his loveline with Jung Eun.

    But overall, i cried a lot! Hahahaa..