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Fanfic HBHJ: Noona, You Are My Buin Too

"Buin, you are so good," Hyun Joong shyly told Hwang Bo as they both stood outside the studio, watching the We Got Married production crew packing. He had both hands clasped behind him while keeping his timid gaze towards Hwang Bo.

Hwang Bo turned towards Hyun Joong. She was a bit taken aback when their eyes met. Quickly, she lowered her gaze, staring at her hands. "Shillang did good in directing me that's why I can sing very well."

"Not sing, making background noises," Hyun Joong corrected her. His smile still lingered. 

Hwang Bo's chuckle turned into laughter when she recalled the recording in the studio just now. Background noises indeed. "Remember to delete it later," Hwang Bo reminded Hyun Joong.

"No," Hyun Joong replied. "I'll save it in a CD. Does Buin want a copy?" he asked earnestly. Although they agreed the recording was just for fun and will be deleted after, Hyun Joong thought it was a pity to do so. He wanted to keep one copy for himself to remind him of the time he spent with Hwang Bo in Japan.

Hwang Bo shook her head. "It was so embarrassing," she said, refusing the offer. She sounded sexy as Hyun Joong requested her. It would be embarrassing to listen to herself sounding sexy. "Why do you want to keep a copy?" she asked, curiously.

"That.. Aa.." Hyun Joong brushed his nose with his knuckle. It would sound too mushy to tell her the truth. 

There was a long silent between them while Hwang Bo waited for the answer. "What?" she asked when the silent became more awkward. "That's not an answer." Suddenly, Hwang Bo remembered something. "You haven't told me how you feel when I come to see you here."

Although he was glad he did not have to answer the first question, the second question was equally hard to answer as well. Now that they were not filming anymore, he did not feel reluctant to answer. When she had asked him in the studio and the dormitory, both scenes were being filmed. As much as he wanted to answer her then, he could not.

The truth was, when Hyun Joong had suggested Hwang Bo came to see him in Japan for fun, he did not really mean it. He knew it was not possible as it was out of We Got Married filming schedule. They never interact outside of the filming although he wanted too. Hwang Bo being a noona, made Hyun Joong hesitated every time he wanted to keep in touch with her. He was not sure it was the right thing to do.

When Hwang Bo jumped, greeting them at the door after they came back from the recording studio, Hyun Joong was very stunned. He froze. It took him a few second to realise it was really her and she was really there, in their dormitory. He would flip in excitement if only there were only the two of them. He gave her a smile instead.

"You surprised me when you came.."

"Are you happy?" Hwang Bo cut in impatiently. Surprise could either mean happy or annoyed. When she was told by the PD they would fly her to Japan to film a surprise visit for Hyun Joong, Hwang Bo was a bit reluctant to do it. She had wanted to call Hyun Joong, asking him whether it was OK for her to come. He was in Japan for work. She was not sure whether her coming to Japan would clash with his work schedule. She had been curious about how he felt but he never gave her the answer.

Hyun Joong nodded his head shyly. "Very happy." He grinned. "Noona, thank you for coming. I had good meal for two days. I had a fun date with you too."

Outside of filming, Hyun Joong always called her Noona. She would love it if he continued to call her Buin instead. But that was too much to ask. After all, it was very sensible to be able to differentiate between work and personal. Sometime, Hwang Bo felt it was hard separating both as working with Hyun Joong in We Got Married was as real as living a personal life. When she was not conscious of the cameras and crews, the feeling seemed very real. "I had fun too," Hwang Bo admitted.

"Noona, can I call you when you are in Korea?" Hyun Joong asked after pondering about it for a while.

Hwang Bo frowned. She tilted her head towards Hyun Joong. "You have my number, right?" she asked. Hyun Joong asked for her number before he left to Japan. "You even said you will call me three times a day." Hwang Bo refused to admit she had anticipated the phone call. She knew it was not possible. Just like it was not possible to make Hyun Joong practiced the piano score for her between his busy schedules. 

Hyun Joong agreed with her. Things he had said during filming were as real as things he would have said outside filming. He had reason to say he would call her three times a day. The reason was they were filming. But to actually made that phone call to Hwang Bo.. He had no reason at all. Filming was the best excuse. Just like he managed to go on a date with Hwang Bo using filming as an excuse. "Yes.. But.. Do you mind? Can I call you?"

"I don't mind," Hwang Bo eagerly replied. She had more things to say but one of the crew members gestured her to leave with them. They were done packing and were about to get in the taxi which was waiting to take them to the airport. "I have to go," she said. 

Hyun Joong nodded. "Can you stay?" he suddenly asked. 

Hwang Bo laughed out loud. She anticipated this although it was so absurd. She was so excited that she did not realised she was grabbing to Hyun Joong's arm. Hyun Joong smiled, looking down at her. He really meant it but it was not possible as he knew Hwang Bo had a busy working schedule. "I'm sincere," he added with a sweet smile and both hands on his chest.

Hwang Bo also smiled, tilting her head towards him as she answered, "I would love too but it's not possible."

"Yes, I know." Hyun Joong sounded disappointed. "Buin! I'll be back next week. Wait for me."

Hwang Bo laughed again. Her cheeky Shillang. When Hyun Joong said, "I'm sincere about that too," Hwang Bo's laugh ceased. She bite her lower lip with a slight frown on her forehead. "Really?" she asked, doubting it. After all, he called her Buin again.

"Noona, everything I told you are true."

It sounded like a promise or an assurance to Hwang Bo. It put a wide smile on her face. She intended to let the smile stay. "I really have to go. Shillang, I'll wait for you. Come back soon, OK?" With that, she waved at Hyun Joong and walked away towards the taxi.

Hyun Joong merely nodded his head slowly. "Good bye, Buin." Hyun Joong waved and waited until the taxi disappeared from his view. Although it was a good bye, but it was a cheerful good bye. He could not wait to finish his work in Japan and return to Korea to his Buin.

In the taxi, Hwang Bo lowered her head as she played with her fingers. Hyun Joong's "Noona, everything I told you are true" kept playing in her head. It made her smile again. She never lied to him too. Everything she told him were the truth, reflecting what she felt in or out of filming. She could not wait to return to Korea and start filming We Got Married again.

- the end -

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