Monday, November 1, 2010

'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' Screenwriter clueless Who Mickey Yoochoon Is

Korean drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal enjoyed healthy ratings during the second half of the year. The lead role which belonged to JYJ member Micky Yoochunwhom he portrayed Lee Seon Joon, a cute and interesting fellow, was praised for his cute acting.

The drama’s screen writer, Kim Tae Hee confessed, “Honestly, I originally wasn’t really satisfied with the choice of actors, but I didn’t say anything. But because I have a personality that shows on my face how I feel on the inside, it got to the point where Yoochun and I were rehearsing the lines, and he would ask me ‘Teacher, why do you dislike me?’ But I really like him now, and I feel so proud of him!”

She also admitted that she didn’t know who Micky Yoochun was, but after getting to know and work with him, she quickly became a fan and now has DBSK’sMirotic as her ringtone.

Kim Tae Hee continued, “Of course, he isn’t completely perfect with the pronunciation and enunciation of words, he has an innate sense of emotions, perfectly interpreting Lee Seon Joon to be an elegant person. Also, he has a unique sense of humor, which really surprises me. His humor shines through sometimes, which turns Lee Seon Joon into a ‘really cute and interesting fellow’, instead of a ‘rigid and annoying fellow’. Also, there are times when he has a side that stimulates my maternal feelings.”

She then continued to praised him and hoped that he continued acting.

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