Thursday, November 18, 2010

My thought on Kim Hyun Joong words...(^^)

Seriously... when other people watched 'Playful Kiss' I leave it behind and watched 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal'... when other people finishing PK... I'm overjoyed watching SKKS... 

Why? my problem is I'm so Joongboers... even when I don't express it out there... but in my vains only runs Joongboers blood LOL. The truth I'm not ready to watch it... I just can't because my mind and my soul is not ready... even now... I hardly watch it. Seriously I think I need more time than I thought. I got pissed off while reading all other ranting on Joongbo's thread on soompi... but no I don't express it... and because of that I'm stuck on episode 2.... believe me... I can't even go to episode 3 LOL. The drama is good I know that... since I'm a fan of ISWAK. 

But I'll change my mind now... after watching, listening to KHJ confession (I'll consider it as confession... think what ever you want ^^). I'll finish it tonight LOL... I'm not sleeping anyway so I'll fill the night with PK and 'Secret Garden'.

So what did he actually said that captured my eyes, my heart and my soul... okay not my soul... but still makes me changed my mind....

"When I get married, I'm going to take cooking classes. I want to cook for her. If my wife come home drunk, then I want to cook her stew the next morning... at night, I'll make her tasty steak and wait for her...pour her wine... this means I'm unemployed. The girl will bring in the money..."

My thought on that:

First he use the Buin (wife) term... out of so many terms he can use out there he reffered his future wife as... 'BUIN'... (Listening to this makes me happy enough to change my mind LOL). 

2nd he mention about his wife coming home drunk... aren't that remind you to one of the episode on WGM where HB coming home while still hangover.... 

3rd, he said he will make tasty steak and pour wine for his wife... didn't he mentioned before on WGM too that HB is a Queen ^^

And the final part is... 'the girl will bring in the money...' he used to say HB has a lot of money and he can depends on her... LOL
I know I'm going crazy over his simple words... but at least this really makes me happy today.


It comes around 6:26 - 6:45

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