Friday, November 26, 2010

ZE: A's Ads Adorn Mass Transit in Bangkok

Korean idols ZE: A's advertisement for a Thai snack has adorned the exterior of mass transit systems in Bangkok. 

Star Empire Entertainment announced in a press release on Friday that the boys' advertisement for YOYO Jelly has been wrapped around the Bangkok Mass Transit System, an elevated rapid transit system in the country, causing a stir among local and international fans. 

In July, the boys were chosen to be the spokesmodel for United Foods Public Ltd. 'S YOYO Jelly and have shot commercials for the Thai snack. 

"The commercial that ZE: A shot for YOYO Jelly first hit airwaves on November 1. Many fans in Thailand can see their advertisement on trains, buses and in theaters," an official from Star Empire was quoted as saying. 

ZE: A (Children of Empire) made their debut in January this year with their mini-album "Nativity" featuring their title track "Mazeltov." They released a follow-up record in April "Leap For Detonation" and "Level Up" in July. 

The nine-member boy band has visited various countries in Asia including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan to promote themselves and their songs. 

They are currently busy preparing to release their first full-length album. 

Reporter: Lucia Hong
Editor: Jessica Kim 
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