Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lee Joon-ki will work as Army Channel's radio DJ

Lee Joon-ki, who is on the active list, will meet his fans as radio DJ of Army Channel.

According to an official, Lee Joon-ki will join Army Channel as a radio DJ from December, and will introduce the life in army to soldiers and civilians.

Lee Joonk will record a radio show with a live audience; by this way he can continue to meet civilian fans.

Lee Joon-ki who joined the army as entertainer soldier in last May, participated in the musical 'Voyage to Life'. During the rehearsal, he was seriously injured by a falling steel structure. He received six sutures in the surface wound on his forehead.

At that time, Lee Joon-ki continued his appearance in the musical and lead it to success. To honor his work, Army gave him a special award.

Lee Joon-ki went back as honorary ambassador of national defense after 'Voyage to Life'.

Source : Nate & Hancinema

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