Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Song Seung-hun Says Goal is Not To Outdo Original "Ghost"

Korean actor Song Seung-hun has said he wanted to show something new through the Asian remake of Hollywood film "Ghost" rather than trying to outdo the original.

The remark came during a press conference for Song starrer "Ghost: In Your Arms Again," a Japanese remake of the 1990 pic "Ghost" on Tuesday while responding to a reporter's question on how he felt working on the movie.

After saying that he "wanted to show a new version of 'Ghost' even though 20 years has passed instead of trying to outdo the original," Song added, "For me, 'Ghost' is like my first love because no one forgets the first person they love. "

In May, Song's agency announced that the actor would make his big screen debut in Japan through the Asian remake of the legendary film which starred the late Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze and actress Demi Moore. 

"I was originally set to play a Japanese character but I requested that they change my role to a Korean student who came to study abroad in Japan," Song said, adding that he was surprised that they accepted his suggestion. "I feel honored and great that I was able to take part in this film."

The 34-year-old actor will play the role of Korean student Jun-ho who falls in love with famed CEO Nanami, played by Japanese actress Matsushima Nanako, when he goes to study abroad in Japan.

"Ghost: In Your Arms Again," produced jointly by CJ Entertainment, Paramount Pictures Japan and Shochiku Co., Ltd, will open in local theaters on November 25. 

Reporter: Lee Eun-ji 
Editor: Lucia Hong 
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