Saturday, November 6, 2010

Most Wanted Child Actor, Who Looks Exactly Like With Kang Dong-won!

In the upcoming movie 'Haunters', which will be released on November 10th, there is a child actor who looks really like Kang Dong-won.

In the early part of 'Haunters', young Cho-in's (Kang Dong-won) appears. After the production showcase, all the medias are wondering about this child actor, Yang Kyeong-mo.

In the movie, there is a scene where young Cho-in, who has a special psychic ability, and his mom, who tries her best to protect her son, appear together. Not only are a hairstyle, but his eyes, mouth are very similar to Kang Dong-won's.

After the movie opening event, people said, “I was really surprised how he looked exactly like Kang Dong-won”, “with this face, he will grow into Kang Dong-won soon.”

At first, this was a role for Yang Kyeong-mo's brother, Yang Hyeon-mo. But since he grew 10cm during the preparation process, this role automatically went to his younger brother.

He is a second year elementary school student, and this is his first time as an actor. With all the help from the crew, he was able to act his role successfully.

On the other hand, this movie is about a battle between a psychic who can control people with his eyes like a doll and the only person Cho-in's ability doesn't work on.

Source : Nate & Hancinema

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