Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kim Byeol & Song Joong Ki Are Selected as Polaroid Camera Models

Actress Kim Byeol and actor Song Joong-ki worked together in a CF of an instant camera company.

Kim Byeol showed a friendly image with Song Joong-ki for a CF of an instant camera called Fuji Instax from Fuji Film.

In the CF, Kim Byeol showed her girl-like emotional side with concept of 'first love'; her lively expression helped to deliver the message.

People who saw this CF commented, “All I can say for Kim Byeol is that she is really pretty”, “I really envy Kim Byeol who is chosen by 'Pretty Joong-ki', Song Joong-ki”, and “They make a really cute couple.”

On the other hand, Kang Sil-hwang section chief from Fuji Film reveals the reason for this seletion. He said, “We choose Kim Byeol because of her cute and lovely image. We thought she can well deliver the emotion of girls in their 20's, which is Instax's main target. From the collaboration with Song Joong-ki, we though the charm of Instax will be efficiently delivered.”

Source : Nate (Korean) and HanCinema

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