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Fanfic - Scandal (HJ & HB) Part 2

Extra Story # 5: Scandal (2)

Date: May 21, 2009 21:50

Finally arrived at her apartment, he goes straight up to her floor without calling her ahead of time like how he usually used to do.

Ding Dong…… Ding Dong…… Ding Dong……

Rapidly pressing the door bell button……

When she opened the door, her smiling face is delightedly greeting him.

HJ is stunned,

Maybe she did not know yet?

“Hurry up, gets in, why are you so dazed?!” She smiled at him and pulled him in…….

While he is still taking off his shoes, he spares a gaze to watch her reaction. She does not seem like she is mad at all.
Sigh in relieve, this even better, he could alert her in advance.

“Aren’t you filming your drama today? Why would you be here all of a sudden? Do you have dinner yet?” She in her causal wears standing at the foyer smiling at him asked.

Walking straight where the couch is located, HJ threw himself on it and stretches his sore feet.

“Which one should I answer first?” He looked up.

“What?” She sat beside him asked.

“You asked 3 questions, which one I should answer first?”

She laughs, “Do you have dinner yet?”

Stretches his arms this time, “Not yet, seems like haven’t eaten since breakfast time.”

Her smile fades away, “How could the crews didn’t even give you time to eat? How could your body tolerate this? You wait here……”

Pulling her back from getting up, hugs her in his embrace, buries his head on her shoulder, lightly kisses her hair, smelling the refreshingly nice scent of her after shower fresh, and feeling her soft touching body tightly clinch in his arms. These touches finally erased the last sting of his annoyance, he is now relaxed wholeheartedly, so relaxed that he felt his heart turns into Jello.

“You just rest here, I’ll prepare dinner.” She escapes from his embrace, but HJ successfully steals a kiss on her lips before she is trying to get up.

HJ cannot control himself from following her to the kitchen leaning on the door frame to the kitchen, looking at her busy image preparing his dinner. Bending down to pick up Jins who is wagging her tail and wandering around him, settling Jins on his arms, he feels like some warm bubbles growing from his heart, warming his tiring soul. Perhaps that’s so called happiness and blessing, he thinks to himself. 

“No matter what you see, no matter what you hear, could you just put trust on me?” He said.

HB stops chopping, turns around and looks at him,

“What did you do that you need to emphasize to me giving trust on you?”

He immediately shakes his head,

“I didn’t, I always keep my promise.”

“What promise?” She slightly tilted her head and tried to recall.

“The pledge of love I wrote, you don’t remember?” 

“The one from WGM? …… That’s a request from the crew, they asked us to write……” She lightly smiles.

“I wrote it by heart……” He emphasizes.

She tucks her arms in front, “Then, let me listen, which one you follow the best?”

“I will never look at another woman.”

She gives him a gaze, “Really?”

“Of course, except for work, I always keep at least 1 meter distance.”

She stares at him for a while, then turns around,

“Why are you this serious, I didn’t request you to do so.”

Her voice is very calm, he could not feel or figure out her mood.

True, she did not request, even more, she does not ever request a single thing from him, this in turn frustrated him.

In the past, he thought of a married couple to keep a certain degree of independent is really good. Giving each other enough freedom and not giving burden to each other. But now, he wishes to put his freedom on her hand, but she does not appear to appreciate, all the more, she wants to ignore, how would this not get him frustration.

She does not want to tie him up, and she does not want him to tie her up, would it be that her subconsciously does not want to fall deeper?

Sometimes he thought, ‘Is she purposely giving me complete freedom, and expecting him to give her the same amount of freedom?’ 

Aish …… Sure enough, the mission is not really accomplished, secret agent HJ still need to put in more effort.

Making a deep sigh, getting close to her, showing his pitiful plaintive yet handsome face,

“I’m being dead serious in disciplining myself, as my girlfriend, aren’t you at least trying to show a slight sign of touched?”

His droll expression tickles HB, playfully pushes away his face,

“Arraso, I’ll heartedly practice in front of the mirror starting today……”

While eating the Kimchi stew she prepared for him, HJ mutely took out the newspaper from his pocket and handed it over to her,

“Scandal is out in the newspaper today, this was captured when the whole filming crews went for dinner two days ago, and the paparazzi took it while we walked out of the restaurant.”

Putting a mouthful of rice, slowly chewing while observing her reaction carefully,

She seriously reading the headline news which occupied the whole front page,

He felt the time freeze for a long while, she finally puts her head up, smiling,

“They took a good photo shot…….” 

This is not the reaction he thought he would get, distracted for a moment, mumbled, “This is not true……”

“Yep, I know……” She nodded.

He carefully watching her, would she being too mad and said the opposite? ……

“You aren’t upset then……”

She shrugged, “Just felt a bit uneasy, as long as this is not true, there’s no need for me to ham it up.”

She did not even show a slight sign of Jealousy on her reaction, his powerlessness rose uncontrollably.

“You trust me that …… that much?”

“I believe if something really happened, you would not let me be the last one to know, am I right?” 

Although giving him trust is good, but…… but…… this is not the kind of trust he wish, he wishes a different type, aish…… lump in throat……

He did not answer, lowering his head and continue to eat his meal.

“You came all the way here from the filming site to tell me this, right?” She softly smiled and asked.

That’s right, he answered in his mind, but seems like this is not necessary.

Mockingly smile at himself, “Very funny, right?”

“How could this be funny, you care that much of my feeling, of course I am touched ar……” She holds his hand.

“Is it? But you did not show a bit that you are touched, you even seems like you don’t care at all.”

He sounds very much plaintive, he even considered to pout his lips to boost the visual effect.

“That’s because you hastily rush in and explain to me, for that reason, there’s no need for me to be mad ar.” Her sparkling eyes show a glimpse of sly.

“Is it?”

“Of course it is, if I heard this from someone else or I read the newspaper myself, and you did not come and explain, I will not let this go that easily.”


“Really ……” She firmly nodded.

His mood immediately lightens up, and the food he is eating becomes tastier.

“I’m staying here overnight ……”

“What? ……” Such a change in subject, she merely cannot follow. “Wea?”

“I have to rush back to the filming site very early in the morning, I don’t want to be tossed back and forth.” He mentioned casually as if that there is nothing worth to be pay attention to.

She did not answer, her stare go around observing him for a long time,

“If you’re thinking about THAT kind of thing, relax, I’m too tired today, can’t even if I want to, …… Anyway, if you’re not keeping me for the night, I’m going to sleep in the car.”

Enjoy looking at her face suddenly turns red, and escaping his gaze.

At last, his wish of staying was after all fulfilled, the first time staying at her place, he fully satisfied occupying her guest room, and sleep soundly and happily.

She draws the newspaper from her handbag she brought this morning, making a grimace at his photo. Together with the one he brought with him, threw into the garbage bin.

Credits:只想戒毒from Chinese Ssangchu Baidu Island
Additional information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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