Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sungkyunkwan Scandal (JaeHee) Fanmade Vid.

U By 4 Men Lyrics Translation:

It feels Like time has stopped.
I 'm pinching my two cheeks
It feels like my heart has stopped
I'm bitting my lips

I think I fell in love
I don't know what to do
I think I fell into magic
I can not breathe
It feels like my chest is going to burst

Loving u... Loving u...

*By loving you
By only loving you
Even if I grow old and faint from waiting
Oh I

Only U... Only U...

I want to give everything to you
The only person to me

Loving U...

I think now I know what love is
I feel like you will come into my heart
I'm waiting for you

While looking at your picture
without realizing it
my lips touch
While looking at the stars
I want to pick them for you
I'm running to you

Loving U... Loving U....


(I follow & follow) I only follow you
(I look & look) I'm only looking for you
(I'm looking for you) I run for you again

Loving U... Loving U...

More than anyone, more than anyone in the world
are beautiful, you are so bright
Oh I

Cause of you...Cause of you...

I, more than anyone else, am happy
Because you're there
I shout & call for for you, call for you

Only U... Only U...

Like this, I am confessing to you
Please accept my love

Loving U...

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