Monday, October 11, 2010

Police Uncover Internet Post By MC Mong Asking About Dental Exemptions

The Seoul Central District Court has just discovered that MC Mong left a question on internet portal site ‘Naver‘ about his military service, thereby showing intent to dodge his service.

On the 11th, The Seoul Central District Court stated, “The current situation has him very likely to be prosecuted for draft dodging.”

MC Mong’s internet post dated back to January 2, 2005 and was left under the ID “thugmong1″. He wrote,

“I checked the military laws and it says that I can receive an exemption, but what if I don’t? It’s a dental problem. I currently don’t have 8 molars. I have one false molar. With just this, I receive a predicted score of 51 on my health test. However, one of my canine teeth and four of my front teeth are dentures, bringing me down to about 47 or 49. I printed the information I found on this site and found that a score between 49 and 51 is the minimum needed to get a level 5 exemption. Are there any instances where they don’t give you a level 5 exemption if you get re-tested? Do they just strictly go by military laws? They only told me to check my physical ranking and I need a more detailed response. Have a lot of luck in the new year.”
An army surgeon replied to his post by saying that a person with worse conditions is currently serving in the army.

Prosecutors believe that MC Mong extracted an additional tooth after reading this reply and deciding that his probability for exemption was not high enough.

Authorities have also charged an entertainment agency CEO, ‘A‘ (45), along with a military affairs broker, ‘B (33), for aiding MC Mong in his draft dodge.

To recap, MC Mong extracted a total of four teeth from August of 2004 up to December of 2006 at a dental clinic in Kangnam.

He bribed ‘B’, the owner of a private industry design school, to obtain a false proof of registration, earning him a three-month delay in his service. This was repeated five times for a total of 422 deferred days.

MC Mong was turned over for trial after a discussion amongst a citizen committee.

Sources: Newsis, BreakNews, NewDaily, Today Korea, Star News & Allkpop
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* Bribery?! oh gosh.... I don't know what to think... I'm a fan but what wrong is wrong. Seriously hope he learned something from this whole mess. He might messed up long ago and for not even trying to stop... I don't know what to say... well I'm still a fan. I've fall for his musics and I guess his musics just give me one reason to forgive him... I guess...

To all his family and friends... for not trying to stop him and helping him out.... I seriously think you all have problem.

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  1. feel the same way with you...still loving mongie as always...I'll be waiting for his comeback while missing him very much till that day he finally come back again...I guess it's just jukdorok saranghae...mongie!! jukdorok u, fighting!!!