Monday, October 18, 2010

Fav. Quote: Episode 7 Cinderella's Sister

Phew, finally... I got some extra little time to do this...
Hope I can finished the whole episode within this month.... 
seriously... I have to...

There is not many quote for episode 7... it's not that I'm too lazy to quote one...
but there is only few of them that got attached to my 


Who snatched it away from you?
If you don’t want other people to snatched it away,
You have to take care of your own belongings.
Does everyone have to look out carefully for whatever you do?
Look for you, flatter you, praise you.
Is that all you need?
Do you think you’re still a kid?!
Don’t think of relying on anyone.
Be independent and rely on your own strength.
I’m asking you, with your own ability what have you achieved?
-Hong Ki Hoon-

The first time I met you.

The willful way that you spoke following whatever you picked from your mother.
I thought, during that period of your childhood, it would be good if I were there.
I had that kind of absurd thought.
You too made my heartbroken.
Don’t leave me. If you can do that, I’ll be grateful.

Extra Screen Cap:

Love this scene... I don't know why

but maybe because the silent scenes make the feelings flows freely

when both of them stared at each other...

you'll definitely sees and feels the anger, the longing and the tears inside of them...

that's how I like it.

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