Friday, October 29, 2010

Hwang Bo & Hyun Joong - I Can't By 2PM

I've become Joongboers since 2008 and up till now I never thought about trying to stop on believing... I am totally understand that times goes on, life move on, age keep increasing LOL and well people do change. My problem is... I don't want to believe half way even if someday they decide to fall in love and that the other half of them is not what I have in mind... I believe they have sincerely love each other... 

I'm quoting this from jiyy738@soompi from Joongbo Couple Thread. Reading it remind me of my 1st ever feelings I have for Hwang Bo & Kim Hyun Joong. Knowing that it was fake marriage but still the feelings was real... I guess this is the best post I've read today.

Hello everyone~ I am new to the thread. Great to see you all routing for Joongbo couple!
First of all, this thread has a daunting number of contribution (almost 1500 pages now), even 200+ pages more than the mega hit drama "Boys over flowers." Way to go!!
I just began watching WGM few days ago and once I started, I couldn't stop. And frankly, Joongbo couple just stands out among all other lovely couples from the first season. Between them it's just so real. I used to work in the TV station and of course I am aware of the fact that everything is scripted, or at least highly staged. But there is something so genuine in their interaction that even though I am only half into the entire Joongbo episodes, I become teary from time to time. How can anyone say that it's only a show? :tears: They were awkward at the very beginning and gradually they started to care for each other like friends. ( Don't tell me what will happen since I want to see it myself. :tongue2: )
KHJ is definitely NOT putting on a show here. Look at how he was so resistant and aloof at the very beginning and now he is slowly but surely opening up himself to Hwangbo. I got to know KHJ through Boys over flowers and I remember having tremendous difficulty with his acting. Recently, I watched Playful Kiss in which he made great improvement. But still, there is something that I feel like is blocking him and that's why I still have trouble connecting myself to the various characters he played. However, after watching Joongbo couple, I realize who KHJ really is and I can understand the reason why sometimes it takes a long time for him to immerse himself into the fictional roles he is playing. He is just too shy, darn-right honest and often time endearingly vulnerable. (And of course, who can resist his dorky four-dimensionism?) Now I really adore him because he is just such a "real" person instead of a glossy CF image. He has flaws but he is so sincere. And he is so ambitious too and he has to win in every occasion. lol. I believe that he will definitely mature into a great actor in the future! (..can I add with the nourishment from Hwangbo? kekeke)
And our ever brave and loving Hwangbo. OMG. I wish I could have a wife like her. Even being a friend of her must be a blessing. At first, I was like... this woman really has patience since KHJ is sometimes so rude. But I think the reason why KHJ eventually opens up to her is because she actually is such a generous person with a kind heart. She even took care of other members of ss501! And her cooking, her big smiles, her vulnerability mixed with the unmistakable strength just make my heart flutter. Honestly, she is 100 times more attractive than any weak, sappy or "cute" girls from Korean dramas. ( I cannot stand them actually). 
Wow. Such a long post here. I will come back here again when I finish the entire Joongbo episodes. My friends already warned me that I will cry like a little baby at the end. :( 
BTW, I notice that there is some kind of discord between viewers of Playful Kiss and those of Joongbo couple recently, not only here but in other forums as well. Actually I also find that some KHJ fans were very resistant to Hwangbo and Joongbo couple. But how can that be? I mean someone like me only began to fall for the leader after watching WGM and I know that many Koreans fell in love with KHJ after the show. If anyone claims themselves to be a devout fan of KHJ, they should understand the importance of Joongbo for consolidating his fan base. And this fan base is not built on some kind of fictional characters he is performing but a real KHJ. Also, I adore JSM's performance in Playful Kiss too. But you cannot really use "chemistry" to describe the interaction between Hyun Joong and Hwangbo. Their relationship is rooted in mundane details of everyday life....fixing the hair, food, even killing the mosquitoes. lol...Maybe it's not so romantic and picture-perfect like drama CPs. But Joongbo couple really touches me deeply. 

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