Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rappers Take Offense To TaJinYo Statement

A statement made by an admin of TaJinYo on MBC’s “Tablo Goes to Stanford” has become another controversy in itself, with many rappers taking offense and making parodies of it.

On the broadcast, one admin referenced to Tablo by stating, 

“He didn’t even study and just hung around all day. All he did was hip hop and somehow got famous in Korea while the rest of us were up all night with bloody noses trying to study.”

Many rappers have come forward since the broadcast and expressed their anger on their personal Twitters. Leading rappers of the hip hop world such as Supreme Team’s Simon D, Beatbox DG,Pe2ny, Soul Company’s Make Sense and others left messages with sarcastic remarks regarding the statement.

Simon D wrote, “I’m going to go do some hip hop today, just like yesterday. Tablo hyung, find strength. The truth will always win,” while Pe2ny wrote, “It’s raining today, time to do some hip hop.”

Source + Photo: Star News & Allkpop

* I don't know that it was wrong to be smart. Don't they know that different people have different IQ level. And it seems to me that whoever that admin is he is telling us.... 
" I admit... I'm not as smart as Tablo, that is why I have to study all night."  
or in another words...
"I admit that I'm jealous of him. He's not just too smart but he's also quite popular while I'm still nothing even when I'm trying hard.."
Don't get confused... that's my own words. I'm full with imagination LoL... 
I just hate people that trying to condemn someone else because they don't get what they think they deserve.

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