Sunday, October 10, 2010

MC Mong Formally Charged For Draft Dodging

MC Mong was charged for the violation of military service laws on October 10th by the Seoul Central District Court.

According to prosecutors, MC Mong extracted two molars in August of 2004, with a total of three extractions by 2006. There were reportedly no problems with any of his three extracted molars.

He received a ‘level 1′ on his physical test in 1998, meaning that he was examined and pronounced to be in perfect health; consequently, he was rostered to become an ‘active duty soldier’. Prosecutors claim that MC Mong attempted to exploit the conditions set aside for those men who have poor dental health. In order for MC Mong to be allowed exemption from service, he must score below 50 for his dental health examination. MC Mong re-tested in February of 2007, and received a score of 45, thereby earning full exemption from military service.

Netizens commented,

“How could you think that you could cover the sky with just your hand?” 
“Did he not have any true friends? How could nobody have stopped him?” and 
“I was such a huge fan. All I feel is betrayal...”

Source: Star News, Newsen, Union News & Allkpop
Photo: Newsen

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