Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MC Mong Has Locked Himself Up In His Home

Many have been wondering what happened to MC Mong after his recent indictment. The entertainer has been reported to be in voluntary seclusion; he refuses to leave his home due to the amount of press trying to dig up some additional news regarding his draft-dodging scandal.

MC Mong hasn’t been officially convicted for his crime, but it’s likely that he will not surface in the outside world until he’s been sentenced by a judge.

A source close to MC Mong said, “He hasn’t stepped a foot outside of his house. He hasn’t even been buying everyday necessities. After the incident, paparazzi and press are waiting around for him around his house. He doesn’t want to see anyone.”

Source + Photo: BNT News & Allkpop

* Poor Mc Mong. That's the price for being popular and having problems... 

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