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Fanfic - Scandal (HJ & HB) Part 1

Extra Story # 5: Scandal
Date: May 21, 2009 21:50

Part 1

His hand is on the steering wheel, looking at the long traffic line up.

Annoyance is the only feeling at the time, wiping his tired face by his hand and harshly run his hand through his hair.

Sparing a look at the newspaper that is lying on the passenger’s seat,
His own photo used up half of the front page making the headline news.
The picture showing him giving a merely smile, the woman beside him smile wholeheartedly, the huge headline impressively stated, “Kim Hyun Joong & 李云姬 caught sweetly dating in secret.”

李云姬 is the leading actress for the drama that he casted as the leading actor, they would only bow to greet each other on set, beside filming, there is no interaction what so ever, why would such picture got released?

Could it be that dinner gathering where the whole crew attended? He barely remembered they stepped out of the restaurant one after another with their managers when the gathering ended, and this was the only incidence.

Do not know how the paparazzi caught the angle, from the picture, it looked like they walked shoulder to shoulder and he coincidently raise his arm up, which looked pretty much like him trying to hug 李云姬 by her shoulder.

Those stories made up by paparazzi, he never spent his energy explaining them, the truth would reveal itself eventually, why would he waste his effort to do this nonsense?

But this time……

Annoying…… Piss……

The newspaper released in the morning, but not until in the evening, he got to find out about it.

Trying to make an excuse to ask for an early dismiss from the director, although he does not have a lot of shooting today, he is still very surprised the strict and hard-headed director would allow his request, he is turning lucky.

Maybe she has not read it yet, then, he could declare his innocent ahead of time; but if she had unfortunately read it already, at least he could explained it first handed, instead of her knowing nothing but starting to receive some “sincere consoling” calls from her well spread celebrity network.

This morning when he talked to her on the phone, she sounded normal, maybe she has not read it yet at that time,

But several hours had passed already, what if…… she already read it……..

He has been extremely careful and conscious, besides work; he made sure he is distance away from other woman, making absolutely minimal contact with other female substance, how could this kind of thing still happened?

He has been making such hard efforts barely turns himself into boyfriend kinda material at last, he definitely not wanting this kind of rumour ruined her already worried heart, giving her evidence to her always conscious mind. Even if someone trying to clinch on him, at least he is making sure that was not caused by his improper manner to give out wrong impression.

Making another deep sigh, looking at the long line-up in front of him finally starting to move inch by inch, he released his break and followed.

How could the traffic be jammed terribly like this, isn’t there someone even paid attention to the problem and find a resolution?

Why couldn’t the ministry of transportation in Seoul do something to resolve it? Are they taxed us for nothing?

Why would there so many cars on the road anyway? Why people not taking the subway instead? Isn’t the subway faster? Isn’t the subway supposedly helped to ease the traffic jam? How great is that? People should take subway!

Why couldn’t people just drive one day less for the sake of the environment? How could people that low of self esteem in saving the environment?

Hyun Joong mumbled to himself all the way to Hye Jung’s place.

Credits:只想戒毒from Chinese Ssangchu Baidu Island
Additional information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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