Sunday, October 3, 2010

Celebrity Suicides Show Proof of the ‘Werther Effect’

Emergency measures are being called for after results of a recent survey showed that an average of 606.5 people commit suicide within two months of a publicized suicide of a famous celebrity.

On October 3rd, Senator Lee Ae Joo of the Grand National Party revealed the results of the analyses between the ‘2009 Statistics of the Causes of Death’ and ‘Monthly Death Toll Rates’ in Korea.

Between 2005-2009, the celebrity suicides which were most publicized by the press were: Lee Eun Joo (Feb 2005), Yooni (Jan 2007), Jung Da Bin (Feb 2007), Ahn Jae Hwan (Sept 2008), and Choi Jin Shil (Oct 2008). The suicide survey, of which the purpose was to find the relationship between suicide rates and celebrity suicides, were based on these five celebrities.

According to the Senator, the suicide rate increased the greatest after the death of Choi Jin Shil, with the total number of suicide cases rising to 1008 within two months of her death. The number of suicide cases for the remaining celebrities were as follows: Ahn Jae Hwan – 694 cases, Yooni – 513 cases, Lee Eun Joo – 495 cases, Jung Da Bin – 322.5 cases.

Senator Lee Ae Joo stated, “Committing suicide after the suicide of a famous celebrity is often known as the ‘Werther Effect’. To prevent this Werther Effect from occurring, we must undergo measures to prevent the celebrities themselves from committing suicide. Measures such as examining how suicide news are written must also be implemented for improvement.”

He continued, “The Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Suicide Prevention Association will be working together with media and press coverage to thoroughly review and improve guideline values for suicide news. Government investment and effort is also urgently required to maximally extend the citizens’ education opportunities on this matter.
Source + Photo: Joy News + Allkpop

* Korean celebrities need their own psychiatrist. With all sort of netizen unnecessarily comment, stress level, agencies demand and so on.... their company at least need to prepare for the worst. I don't blame the fan for doing the exact same thing like their idols do, coz some people live their life base on what they wan to believe and hold on (if u're one of them... I'll suggest... get some help) 

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