Monday, October 18, 2010

Fav. Quote: Episode 8 Cinderella's Sister

Let just say that I have containers
that fills with the amount that I can handle in tolerating you.
After that containers been shattered one by one, there’s only one left.

If that last containers breaks,
I really won’t try to live any longer.
Hell will be much easier to endure
than being with you.

-Goo Eun Jo-

I like you so much that I could die!
What can I do if I like you that much?

whether you get mad at me, or scold me, or glare at me, don’t like me,
ignore me or scoff at me, or say contemptuous things like I’m selling myself for business,
I still like you no matter what.

So what am I supposed to do at times like this?
If you’re such an adult,
tell me what I’m supposed to do?
You don’t know isn’t it?
You won’t know.
Because this isn’t Japanese language, or Math or something you can study.

-Goo Hyo Sun-

From the moment I can’t see something or someone in front of my eyes,
that person or things has nothing to do with me.
It’s become second nature for me to get used to suddenly
being separated from people.

The people I’ve known in the past can become strangers in an instant.
That’s the easiest thing in life for me.
Whether I ate together with those people,
or was caught in the rain with them,
no matter how good they were to me,
for me….
throwing those people away isn’t least bit difficult.
It’s the same thing for people who’ve abandoned me.
Even if they left me without a word,

‘because it’s what I do well, you probably do it well too’.

I think that way as I continue to live.

-Goo Eun Jo-

I’m like that too,
for me too, separating from those who have stolen my heart
even just for a moment, doesn’t affect me at all.

Because I’m not perfect,
and the sentimental feelings overwhelms me sometimes,
past events come to mind,
and feeling like I’ve reverted back to the old me.
Those things do come back once in a while.
But it’s just for an instant.
A thing like you is easy for me.

I’m like that, but you’re not.
You lied. Don’t do that.
Don’t hate me, hating me that much,
and putting your all into acting like you’ve forgotten,
don’t do any of it. Just pretend… I’m not here.

-Hong Ki Hoon-

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