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Alex “Virtual Marriage Was Broken Twice, Now It’s Time To Meet My Real Soulmate”

Alex, the romantic guy, from the very distinctive group Clazziquai has tried almost everything. After being known as the country’s most romantic guy, to the talented chef, the smooth, sexy voice DJ, a writer and now, he’s also known as TV-drama actor in the MBC drama “Pasta”.

Below is Alex’s straight-forward, to-the-point answers to some of most challenging questions ever thrown at him.

Being a singer, DJ, musical actor, entertainer, and writer, what challenges you the most?

(a little smile on his smile before answering) “Although I debuted as a singer, in the back of my mind I was always curious to what I could do better. Though I have to overcome difficult time, but I’m very happy to be doing what I could do. If there’s one thing I wish not to do is to wear stretchy ballet pants :P

Do you intend to make yourself to be a great catch in front of women?

I’m not sure. But my mother gave me a very good advice that brought a lot of impact in me. Since I was young, I’ve done a lot of work to support myself, and it turned out to be a positive experience. I’ve been thinking, I wouldn’t get a second chance in this industry if I haven’t tried everything else I tried before I became an entertainer. Appearing in entertainment programs and also debuting as a DJ, those work require you to do hard work .

How are you doing in your drama?

(with a gentle smile) The set has a very good atmosphere. The script is just right, though there’s not a lot of story for me, but as a learning experience, it’s very fun to learn through others. When you look at other actors’ performance, and can learn bits by bits through it, all seems very charming and fun.

How is your role in the drama different with real life? For example, physical appearance and how you’re not a cook like you actually able to do?

Actually, I was offered to be a chef as they know about my background. But that doesn’t fit with the character itself, and the director and I made a bet. Who’s going to complain to not be a chef, when he can ask the chef and complain about this and that? I figure, it’ll be more interesting this way.

In broadcasting, you’re known as the romantic guy, but I heard it’s actually a hard image to answer to?

For males, the definition of being “romantic” and “macho”, both have their own differences, don’t you think? Anyone would pick to be the man who can handle his woman’s temper. I’d love to appear to have both, as romantic and also macho, but things can turn out differently. In ‘We got married’, I lived as newlyweds, and we set up our way to look as if we were an actual couple, though the fact that most real couples can be totally different than us.

There’s no competition in “We Got Married”, but it’s a different case in “Pasta”. Are you nervous?

Actually, the feeling is different, since the writer makes it really fun. And around shooting for “Pasta”, I got to hear lots of inputs and listen to advices from my seniors. Also, in the drama, we got to use words like “foie gras” (duck liver), and other interesting names, it gives it more of a touch. I tend to focus on my performance for the viewers rather than thinking about the ratings. And I definitely do not try to move the ratings alone without acknowledging the viewers.

After getting involved in a virtual marriage show, do you also wish to get married?

The third one is a charm, some may say. I had broken (virtual) marriage twice now, so probably it’s almost time to meet my soulmate soon. But, wise men say that luck has nothing to do with this. I’d love to meet her when the right time comes. And I’d rather have a thought, “My wife will live a comfortable and happy life”, which is what I want.

Alex doesn’t try to capture everything thrown at him. But on the positive outlook, he lives his life with positive thinking and deligently faithful to try his best in whatever he’s doing. There are men who look at others as their ‘public enemy’, but it’ll be to their own disadvantages to treat Alex as one, as they will have to learn a lot of things from the man himself.

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*Argh!!! I would love to be his soulmate LOL... I've always have bad boy type of things but Alex is something else... well I would love to live a comfortable and happy life... ^^

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