Sunday, February 28, 2010

1st Episode with Seohyun and Yonghwa

I don't know why on earth I started writing about this couple LOL. Both look cute especially when they look shy. Maybe that's why. I'm started to developed my interest on them... I'm not a betrayer... I'm still Joongboers and that for sure ^^

Their first episode has gather many response and the rating is 14.7% and this week it going up to 15.5%. There must be something special about them that people start watching WGM.

So the first meeting started with Yonghwa asking his other members to pretend to be the husband or pairing with Seohyun and it's work out well since.

And then he ask Seohyun who would he like or  think would be her husband by putting the blanket on them...

Well of coz... she choose Yonghwa... I'll choose him too if I could LOL

He was relieved that Soehyun choose him over the other members and thanks her for that and only than he revealed that he is the husband which of coz shocked Soehyun... but isn't that cute ^^

After saying goodbye and thank you to his band... they heading to their first round of marriage... and of coz they started awkwardly since both still don't know how to start. But after sometimes they started changing topics and look comfortable...

They went to Yonghwa studio and have a chat... Yonghwa curious about what inside of Soehyun bag which is heavier than he thought...

Their conversation getting interesting when Yonghwa come up with what they should call each other and Yonghwa told Soehyun to call him Yongoo (sorry I don't really know the exact way to describe his name) and He will call her Hyun. I like this part hahaha it's always the beginning of something.

Satisfied with the name they've come up with... both sealed a promise (2nd promise) that both will call each other with that name.

Than Yonghwa started showing his skilled playing a guitar which of coz mesmerized Soehyun...

Teaching Soehyun how to play a guitar... wargh!!!
Just by doing a little and simple things he turned the atmosphere into a romantic one...

After the learning session Soehyun started asking about Yonghwa first love which of cos bring shocked to Yonghwa. 

There is no where Yonghwa could escape from it... looking at how confident eyes... who dare to escape to what ever Soehyun ask hehehe...

And finally, their first selca together... both look comfortable now after several Q&A... 
Now they're ready to move on to the next stage.

until the next episode Have a great lovely day :)
We Got Married bring me another reasons to watch... wooohoooo

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  1. Hi Nonie, same here. I am not sure why but i think, as of now, after had watched their fist epi (without sub), i want to give them a try, i've decided to continue watching them.

    I wish them all the best.

    And yes, once a joongboer is always a joongboer ;)


  2. Hi5 to u xaxa ^^

    Joongboers is always joongboers love that quote :D

  3. gosh after watching episode 5! I still want more knowing that their relationship gets deeper and deeperXD
    Can't resist it waah!

  4. @qiha you may watch it on

    I think they have the collection there.