Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meet The Second Lead of Cinderella Sister's

Another picture were reveals... and it was the most wanted beast... The second lead is Ok Taecyeon in character as Jung-woo. Jung-woo grew up with difficult childhood and because of that he loves to eat. As an adult, he's a simple guy with single-minded, he is in love with Eun-jo (Moon Geung-yong) who used to cook for him.
This is Taecyeon first acting debut, therefore many doubt as how well he will be in his first role. 
I think he will make a good actor. After watching his acting skills in CF... he really can act. Even with simple gesture, smile and look he make you think he is good. I'm not bias because he is popular as the beast of 2PM but who knows what happened. A CF and drama... it's totally different so I'll place my hope at 80%. 

Credit Source: Osen

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