Thursday, February 25, 2010

Personal Taste Finally Reveals Their 1st Stills

I've mentioned before that Lee Min Ho &  Son Ye Jin will be coming back with their new drama 'Personal Taste'. And finally they release the 1st stills of this drama. By looking at the picture we might have wonder what kind of relationships will this two character present to us. 

Son Ye Jin plays a sassy furniture designers in her late 20s, Park Gae In. Gae In is the daughter of a legendary figure in architecture and the CEO of a single marketing furniture store. She tends to act carelessly which can lead to mishaps and easily gets hurt because of her trusting nature, but still her bright nature keeps her strong. To avoid being hurt, Gae In tend to make friend only to a gay guy.

Lee Min Ho as Jun Jin Ho a perfectionist love to have an abnormally clean and neat house. He decides to act as a homosexual boys in order to be a roommate and get close to his crush Gae In.

MBC will first air this drama on 31st March. Seems like a battle will be begin between 'Personal Taste' (MBC), 'Cinderella's Sister' (KBS) and 'Prosecutor Princess' (SBS).

Argh!!! I don't know which one should I begin with... all look great.

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