Friday, February 12, 2010

The Case Of Itaewon.

I've been always wanted to know what was this case about... and watching the movie make me realize, some mistake might be accidently overlook or it might be how they want it to be.

Since this movies revolves around true story, I can't help but look at every aspect of the movies. The story line might confusing in some sort of way but still it was acceptable. I think it was acceptable since we don't really know what would the other party really think at that time but assumed to understand their reactions.

This movie might not have that actions which make you jump up from your chair. But still if you're so into criminals & laws things, you will want to know what happened next.

The ending will not give us the final answer but we will want to think again who are the killer. What is the truth and at the same time we'll ask again what is Korean goverment role in this matters. An innocent young student stabbed to die and yet the killer had been released without any legal responsibilities...

I'll say the actors make this movie more realistics. Jang Geun Suk as pearson, Sin Seung Hwan as Alex and Jeong Jin Yeong as the public prosecutor... all of the actors have taken their roles successfully if I could say so. They make it even interesting and realistics.

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