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Promise (Chapter 26 & 27)

Chapter 26

It’s already passed 11o’clock when HB arrived at the club.

When she walks in, there are a lot of people arrived already, the vibes is so lively.

She takes a look around, there are really a lot of familiar faces, Kim Jong Kook, Shin Hye Sung, Lee Hyroi, Super Junior, SNSD, Jeong Hyeong Don1, Noh Hong-cheol2......

Yunho spots her at once when she stepped in, he smiles and walks towards her,
“Nuna, you are finally here.”

HB smiles at Yunho and says, “I come right after the filming. Woo, you guys invited a lot of people, the number of stars attend the party probably catch up with the year end award nights.”

“We are very thankful that Sunbaenims are willing to come, even with their busy schedules.” Yunho said.

“Everyone is certainly fond of you guys, ‘cause you all work hard and respect Sunbaes.” She pats on his shoulder.

“Sincha?” Yunho shyly smiles at her, “Nuna, let’s sit down over there.”

Yunho brings her to the table. She sat down and while she is taking off her coat, Yoochun and JaeJoong come over.

“You are late, Nuna. Woo, Nuna is so pretty today.” Yoochun smacks down beside her.

“Ha ha, just because wanting to hear the praise from Yoochun, I spend a lot of time dressing up, that’s why I am late.” HB jokingly laughs, exaggeratedly tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Nuna, this is......” Yunho said pointing at her earring.

“You said the earrings? That’s right, those are the Christmas present from you, this is the first time I wear it, and they match this dress perfectly.” She said.

Yunho looks at her, his smile widens bit by bit, and said, “Komawo”

“I should be the one to say Komawo, why you are saying it to me.” HB said thinking that he mixed up what he said.

While they are chatting, she saw Hyung Joon running towards them, and burst out, “Nuna, Nuna.”

Kyu Jong comes over behind Hyung Joon.
“You two come as well.”

She smilingly watching Hyung Joon squeezes in between her and Yoochun to sit beside her, and Yoochun loudly grumbles at Hyung Joon.

“Okay, okay, let’s chat later, Nuna needs to go and say ‘hi’ to Sunbaes first.”
She stands up, walks around and bows to greet Sunbaenims, at the same time receive bowing from Hoobaes3.

At last, HB reaches the table where Shin Hye Sung sat, Hye Sung is sitting with Lee JiHoon and Lee Hyori, he moves over for her to sit down.

“Why are you coming this late?” Hye Sung asked.

“I got here once I finished filming, you came early?” HB asked.

“Yep, quite early, and I’m going to leave soon; Min Woo, Andy and Ho-Dong Hyung came early too, and they left already.” Hye Sung said.

“Wow, even Ho-Dong Hyung came? Sister-in-law is going to give birth soon, isn’t he going home right after work these days?” HB asked.

“Yep, that’s why he only stayed for 10 minutes, today not only to celebrate Yunho’s and JaeJoong’s birthday and also for their debut 5th Anniversity, he had to come to congratulate them.” Hye Sung said.

“Ah! Yunho’s and JaeJoong’s birthday? Why Yunho didn’t tell me.”
She shouts in surprise, “I didn’t even prepare birthday presents for them.”

“Kenchana, been treating them well all the time, they will be grateful as long as you come.” Hye Sung said.

Although Hye Sung said so, she still feels sorry. Yunho could remember to prepare her his DIY Christmas present, but she comes empty handed to their birthday party.

“Where is Chong Jae?” She didn’t see JunJin, and asked Hye Sung.

“Hasn’t arrived yet, he sure will come, he said he will come after the filming.”

“You guys stay for the first half, and we stay for the second half.” HB said.
Hye Sung chats with HB for awhile, and then gets up saying goodbye to Yunho JaeJoong before he leaves.

HB comes back to her table, at the time she just sits down, Hyung Joon gets back and sits beside her again.

“Young Saeng didn’t come today?” Seems not seeing Young Saeng, HB asked.

“Yep, he didn’t like the bustle.”

“Do you know today is the birthday party for Yunho and JaeJoong?” HB asked Hyung Joon.

“I know, if it’s not for their birthday, we won’t come, Nuna doesn’t know?”

“I don’t know, Yunho only said this is for their debut 5th Anniversity, he didn’t mention about birthday.” HB said.

Yunho comes at this time, “Nuna, what was you two saying just now?”

“I said why you didn’t tell me about JaeJoong and your birthday, Nuna did not even prepare birthday presents.” HB said.

“We are really happy Nuna could come, besides, I already received the greatest birthday present.” Yunho smiled looking at her.

“What? What present?......” She is surprised.

Yunho’s pointing at her earring, “Nuna likes them, for me, that is the greatest present.”

“That’s count too? .........” He could satisfy easily like this?

Hyung Joon is sitting besides her, looking at her and looking at Yunho, asks, “What? What?”

“Yunho gave me this pair of crystal earrings as Christmas present, and he did it himself.” She explained to Hyung Joon.

“Wow, that’s marvellous.” Hyung Joon stared at the earrings for a long time, said in suspiration.

She smiles, and looks around, all of a sudden, her body becomes rigid seeing a familiar figure standing in front of the entrance, he comes too.

End Note:

1 Jeong Hyeong Don - is a South Korean comedian and entertainer. He is a cast in WGM and he is famous to cause conflicts between couples in WGM. He is Hyun Joong’s favourite comedian.

2 Noh Hong-cheol - is a popular South Korean television Comedian and entertainer. He is one of the MCs in Infinite Challenge, 2 days 1 night and Come to Play.

3 Hoobae – Korean word means Junior in English.

Chapter 27

HB saw JaeJoong walked up to him. He is talking to JaeJoong, but also looking around at the same time. He stops for a moment when his sight meets hers, withdraws his gaze, he turns back and continues talking to JaeJoong.

“It’s Hyun Joong.” Yunho saw him too, takes a look at her, he gets up and walks towards HJ.

“O yea, Hyung came too, he didn’t even tell us he’s coming.” Hyung Joon gets up, and runs towards HJ as well.

Yunho pats on his shoulder, he nodded slightly, saying something.

Hyung Joon moves closer to HJ and whispers something to him, he takes a quick glance at her direction with his expressionless face, without saying anything, he starts to go around and talks to all Sunbaes and Hoobaes.

He stayed a short while talking to Lee Hyori when he reached her table.

At last, he walks towards her, smiling at her, and then forthrightly sits next to her.

She’s a bit flurried, looking around, everyone is either chatting, drinking or dancing, no one is paying attention to them.

He lost weight again, he looks thinner from last time she saw him, and his dark eye circles couldn’t even cover by makeup.

“How would you have time to come?” She starts the conversation.

“Filming finished early today, then I got time to come.” He scans her up and down, finally, his gaze falls on her ears.

“What time will your schedule start tomorrow?” She asks again.

“7o’clock” He changes his pose, but keep looking at her.

She sighs with surprise, “That early……, you can scarcely get off early why you don’t get more rest, JaeJoongs’ would understand even if you won’t show up.”
He is so tired, his eyes are almost half closed, he really didn’t pay attention to his own health.

“Yep, he could understand, but I want to attend myself……”
He looks at her spreading a big smile; looking at his bright smile, her heartbeat uncontrollably getting faster suddenly.

Slipping out of his gaze, she finds Yunho looking at them. Yunho smiles at her, and she smiles back at him.

“Aren’t you cold?” HJ suddenly said.

“What?” Take a look at him, following his sight to look at her own dress.

“It’s minus 10C degree today, and you’re still wearing this short.” HJ said.

“Yay, this even consider short?”
Most girls here are wearing super short skirts, Lee Hyori’s dress is much shorter than hers, and he dare to say her dress is short, he really get used to control her dress code.

Ignoring him, she turns and looks away from him.

After awhile, didn’t hear anything from him, is he falling asleep?
HB turns, defencelessly meets his gaze, the unusual passion in his eyes locked her in, she couldn’t escape from his gaze, heartbeat beating faster and faster.

“Nuna” The call from Yunho rescues her from his snare.

HB makes a deep breath, turns to Yunho, signals him to sit down.

She throws a quick glance at him, he already returns to his normal laid-back expressionless look, and looking away.

“Hyun Joong, thank you for coming.” Yunho said to him.

“That’s nothing, gets off early, got sometime so I come.” HJ said.

“Congratulation, the drama is doing good.” Yunho said.

“Oh, thank you, your new album will be released soon, wish it will be a big sale.” HJ said it calmly.

She starts to laugh, “Hey, you two know each other well, why you two are so polite to each other all of a sudden.”

Yunho laughs, and he curls his lips too.

Yunho pours them some liquor.

She toasts to Yunho, “Yunho, Happy Birthday!”, she takes a sip of her liquor.

He also toasts to Yunho, but instead of sipping, he bottoms up the glass of liquor. Yunho takes a look at him, and bottoms up too.

She couldn’t hold but to pat on his arm, “Hyun Joong, don’t drink too fast.”

“No problem, this amount won’t make me drunk.” He takes the bottle and pours another full glass of liquor to his and Yunho’s glass.

“Filming is starting early tomorrow morning, your face would get swollen.”
She thinks she probably is controlling too much, but she can’t help it.

“Since Nuna said so, we’ll just finish this one, will arrange another day then.” Yunho said.

“Yep, another day.” He wholly agreed, and bottoms up another glass of liquor.

She could feel the strange vibes, there’s seems like something going on between these two, but she doesn’t know how and where to start asking.

While HB is still feeling puzzled, JunJin arrived.

Yunho hugs JunJin to welcome him, he also stands up and bow to JunJin.

JunJin is looking at HB and HJ.

“Take a seat.”

Yunho sits down, and HJ also primly sits.

“I come just in time, ain’t I? Just make it for the birthday cake.”

“Yep, it is almost midnight.” Yunho said.

Yunho pours JunJin a glass of liquor, “Hyung, take a seat first, I will go preparing some stuffs, will come back soon.”

“Sure, go ahead.” JunJin picks up the glass, and has a mouthful.

JunJin looks at him, “Hyun Joong, the drama is doing great.”

“Thank you, I still have a lot to learn and improve.” He politely answered, and filled up the liquor for JunJin.

JunJin takes over the bottle, and filled up for HJ too, “Let’s have a drink, I think this is the first time we are gathering like this.”

“Yes.” HJ said.

The two toasts to each other, HJ turns away and bottoms up.

Again, they filled up each other’s glass, and bottoms up one more time.

They do not continue their conversation, JunJin constantly observing him, and he is not avoiding his gaze.

Until they silently bottom up their third glass, she sighs and says,
“Choong Jae, Hyun Joong, you both got an early filming tomorrow morning, if you two continue drinking like this, your face would all swell up, how could you start filming with your swollen face?”

JunJin takes a look at her, says to Hyun Joong,
“Just this much of liquor wouldn’t do anything, right, Hyun Joong?”

“Yes” HJ picks up the bottle and fills up JunJin’s glass again.

She couldn’t take it anymore, and stands up,
“You two, enough is enough. I’m going to the washroom, when I came back, you both have to stop.”

When she’s walking back from the washroom, from a distance, she saw JunJin crossed his arms in his chest, staring at HJ, looks like he is considering something. And HJ also looks intently at JunJin, looks like he is waiting JunJin for an answer.

“No, I can’t say that yet.” She heard JunJin said this when she came back.

“What’s the thing you can’t say?” She asked.

“Nothing” JunJin and he said at the same time.

“Hmm……what is it so secrecy.”

They don’t continue, although she is curious about it, she doesn’t drag on this again.

Fortunately, they follow her and not continue to drink.

At mid-night, Yunho and JaeJoong make wishes before blowing off the candles on the birthday cake.

After that, JunJin was called over by Lee JiHoon, before he left, he patted on Hyun Joong’s shoulder, and said, “I will watch”, and HJ nodded.

HB and HJ are left alone once again.

“What did you and JunJin talk about just now?” She couldn’t hold and asked.

“Nothing” He said calmly.

“This word again” She sighed. Unless he wants to say, most likely she won’t get any answer.

He takes a look at her, “How would you go home later?”

“I drove. How about you? You should get going now, you won’t get much sleep even if you go now.” She urges him to leave.

“Maybe let Hyung Joon and Kyu Jong drove you home?”

“Don’t bother, let them enjoy their time here, I didn’t drink, I could drive myself home,…… Besides, Choong Jae is here still.” She said.

He nodded, looks at her for awhile, “I should get going then.”

“Yep, get going; drink some milk before you go to bed, you will feel better tomorrow.”
Trying to ignore the pale sadness parting from him, she urges him again.

He gets up, says good-bye to JaeJoong and Yunho, and says something to Hyung Joon Kyu Jong before walking towards the entrance. He turns around again to take another look at her, then, he left.

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