Monday, February 8, 2010

Jo Kwon & Ga-In’s Kissing Scene!!

On the recent episode of WGM. Jo Kwon requested Ga In to featured on their 'Even if I die, I Will Not Let You Go' MV. Telling her that it was a kissing scene. It was funny to watch both of them struggling, giggling and do it again & again. I like it the most when all the staff including the director supports to what Jo Kwon and the 2AM members are planning on.

My favorite part... 'its a joke... I'm sorry'... LOL
Jo Kwon really know when to break the mood... argh!!! but seriously he might want to do it... check out his lips, why would he over and over again licking it LOL...

Sometimes I do think fans are not fair... it was okay for JK & GI to kiss but if other idols do that... it will be a big chaos...

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