Friday, February 26, 2010

MC Mong Injured on Face.

On the 26th, MC Mong was set to perform at the Baekseok Culture University, but instead of performing, he ended up taking a trip to the hospital.
On this day, MC Mong injured his face with a 2~3 cm deep cut from a nail that was sticking out on the stage. He injured his face before he got up on the stage, but despite the facial injury, he still tried to perform.
A representative revealed, “When MC Mong first got injured, he wasn’t able to feel any pain so he just went up on stage. However, he was dripping so much blood that the audience got surprised. Despite his injury though, he was smiling and assuring the audience that he was okay.”
He is currently receiving 5 stitches on his face,” the representative added. After the emergency surgery, we are planning to visit the orthopedics to make sure there aren’t any problems with his bone.
*Owh... my fav. superstar getting hurts :( ... hope he got better soon... 

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